How to Buy a Website Name to Boost Your Business

by Brandnic Official Blogs 26/07/2019

Want to buy a name for your website that will give your brand-new business a boost? Think of this as your all-you-need-to-know website name education. Here we run through everything from how to buy a website domain names, to working our way through some tips for website/business name coherence.

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How to Choose Attractive Unique Business Names

by Brandnic Official Blogs 08/09/2018

You’ve decided to set up a business. You NEED a name that sticks in the mind of your target market. Trouble is, it seems that all the catchy unique brand names are already taken.

Choosing an attractive AND unique business name needn’t require the expensive skills of a branding agency. All you need is a little creativity, plenty of research and this five-step strategy.

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Why Brandable Domain Names are Perfect for Startups

by Brandnic Official Blogs 20/06/2018

Brandable domain names provide a host of benefits for startups. Websites need strong names, just like the companies they are used to represent. The more memorable and easy to type your domain name is, the more likely it is that people will recommend your site to others. If you are a startup in the process of growing your brand and winning new customers, it’s essential that your domain name is easy to share and market. A great domain name can give your business more credibility and drive customer engagement. You are far more likely to win respect from the public if you have your own domain rather than placing your site on a free server.

Brandable Domain Names - Thousand of brand names available at Brandnic
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