What is Whois Database and How It Works

by Brandnic Official 29/11/2019

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The word ‘’WHOIS” is usually pronounced as ‘’WHO IS’’. It is a tool that enables anyone to search the statistics and facts of a registered website (domain) including name and contact data. It is structured in the form of listing records, widely used to search and query registered domain information.

The body in charge of regulating the domain name registration industry is the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

Premium domain providers such as Brandnic are brand names marketplace for domains to maintain domain names information for individuals and corporate bodies ranging from only Top Level Domains (TLDs) such as .com

What is WHOIS

Understanding WHOIS.

Upon registration of a new domain name, a registrar will request explicit and detailed information, most of which are required and requested by ICANN. Such information is retained in the WHOIS database, which is accessible to all through the domain WHOIS lookup tool. Data available in a look-up is subject to the discretion of the registrar to some extent, however, in most cases, to get more information, you have to go through a registrar’s website.

Special protection features are offered by some exclusive domain marketplace like Brandnic which can avail your domain information some level of protection, notably WHOIS domain privacy protection.

What does WHOIS do?

WHOIS divulges pertinent information about a domain name, by simply executing a search. Through WHOIS lookup tools like Brandnic, you can obtain information about who the seller of a premium domain is including basic information of the owner such as the address, phone number, email address, name servers and so on.

What is the Whois Domain lookup tool?

WHOIS domain look-up is the enabling tool that allows you access to investigate the ownership and tenure of a domain name in the registry database.

How Is A Domain WHOIS Search Conducted?

A WHOIS search is conducted by imputing the necessary domain or IP address into the search box, queries will be sent and the most recent information will be displayed.

What Is the WHOIS Database?

The WHOIS database is a pool containing all registered domains on the web. The details of a registered domain on a database is usually available and accessible to the public through WHOIS lookup tools. ICANN maintains and updates the WHOIS database.

Origin and History of WHOIS

Let us breakdown WHOIS, its origins and the framework regulating its operations for better enlightenment.

WHOIS origination can be traced to the year 1982 when the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) published a protocol established for the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network (ARPANET) users. This established protocol was a directory in which data and information of users transmitting data around the ARPANET were listed as a requirement. In 1998, based on the evolution of the Internet and the growing need for the protocol by various stakeholders, ICANN took over the protocol and maintained the status quo, based on the IETF standard. It emerged to become the WHOIS protocol in use till date.

Origin and History of WHOIS

History of domain WHOIS.

During this era, the WHOIS had not become standardized and yet to be a centrally operated database: data were overseen by the registries and registrars who used the same software standard and were independent entities. However, in 1999, ICANN created opportunities in the market for other entities to offer domain name registration services and these entities were saddled with the responsibilities of maintaining registries of TLDs.

It is pertinent to know that for an entity to become a registry, there must have been prior registered and accredited with ICANN. In most cases, to operate a TLD, registrars are in contract with the ICANN: those in contract operate TLDs such as .org, which is strictly maintained by the Public Interest Registry (PIR) since 2003.

Evolution of WHOIS

The modifications to the WHOIS service prerequisite agreements with registrars and registries over the years occurred as a response to the expansion and dynamic changes in the use of the Internet. The policies implemented include actions to trail mischievous behavior, standardize domain name registration processes, public interest protection, assisting stakeholders in tackling fraud and preventing obnoxious uses of information.

Initiating a WHOIS Search

There are diverse ways of implementing a WHOIS search. A command-line interface application was the most commonly used means. However, web-based tools are extensively used now, and the process has been abridged for easy usage.

Some of the various ways of WHOIS search implementation include:

WHOIS Lookup Tool – This is the commonest and is a web-based implementation whereby users only need to proceed to a web-based WHOIS look-up directory and input a domain name and press the search button. The search query would give any available registration information from the central directory or determine that the domain name is available if unregistered.

Initiating a WHOIS Search

Initiating a WHOIS search.

Command Line WHOIS queries – Where there is a supporting operating system on your computer, the command prompt, can be used to override a third-party service and perform WHOIS queries from your own computer.

Registrar’s Search – There are few instances where data are to be checked on a specific domain WHOIS server to enable a search. Currently, there is no generic way of determining the main WHOIS server for a particular domain extension. Hence, the types of WHOIS look-up necessitates extra work, such as performing a search through the registrar of the domain name to retrieve the registration data of the domain.

WHOIS Internet Protocol (IP) Queries – This is a browser-based tool and allows you to discover who is controlling an IP address. It only requires to input the IP address into the Internet protocol lookup search engine; however, it is subject to WHOIS domain privacy protection, in which instance the data results will not be displayed.

Whois Data

As the name suggests, WHOIS is simply a kind of tool that provides answers to questions such as “who is?’’ and other incidental questions in relation to the domain name or an IP address of users. WHOIS data is the information provided by an owner when registering a domain name and it is usually stored in a WHOIS database.

Whois Data

WHOIS domain name.

Commonly, the amount of data provided for and obtainable in a database is based on the form of TLD and the registrar of the domain. For instance, registries like .org and .net provide full contact details. However, registries like the .au domain are more secured and provide limited information.

Read our guide on how to secure a domain name from theft.

Which information does WHOIS share?

A record is a compilation constituting pieces of evidence about an account kept in writing or some sort of permanent form, and these records are distinct ranging from registrar to registrar. However, they commonly share mandatory information provided during registration. Information provided ranges from the domain name, name and contact information of the registrar, name and contact information of the domain owner, the link to their WHOIS server, the status of a domain name, the name server, the creation and expiration dates.

Which information does WHOIS share

Sharing domain name WHOIS data.

As earlier stated, note that information shared by WHOIS search tools are subject to domain privacy protection.

Registrar’s data

The registrar’s data must be kept up to date at all times, in the event issues in connection with the domain ownership arise, which will require the provision of accurate details of the domain name, in order for issues to be easily resolved.

WHOIS Data Model

There are two classes of data models, which are used in storing up WHOIS data. They are; the thin model and the thick model.

The thin WHOIS lookup model provides the registrar information, name server, and the registration dates only.

The thick WHOIS lookup model provides additional information attainable beyond what is available from a thin WHOIS record, such as the domain owner, technical and administrative record. The thick model ensures consistent and slightly faster queries.

WHOIS Data Model

Understanding the difference between the thin and thick data model of a domain WHOIS.

It is quite intensive to trace WHOIS information considering the several registrars and WHOIS servers out there. Brandnic makes it easy to find all available WHOIS information in one click.

Protection of Privacy

Due to the availability and accessibility of data and information to the public, some registrars such as Brandnic brand names come up with privacy protection services that permit domain owners to conceal their actual contact in the WHOIS search result, to prevent their private information from getting into the wrong hands such as scammers.

Why Keep Your Information Private?

Failing to conceal your information which ought to be private, makes you vulnerable to a great deal of spam.

Information privacy reduces the rate at which spam appears.

Individuals and corporate entities search the WHOIS database to create a list of target organizations or establishments to send unsolicited mass emails and advertisements to earn your patronage.

Within the limited time of registration, your cell might be buzzing with offers from a purported deal, for example, website designers. You may even end up becoming a victim of fake registration and fake alerts by giving out detailed information which ought to be private and shared willingly.

Why Keep Your Information Private

Protected WHOIS data protects you from the data theft risk.

To reduce identity theft, it is essential to be aware of the fact that scammers are looking for ways to dominate your site by using the information displayed in the search engine. In the case of a WHOIS privacy protection, it protects you from the risk of another person creating another similar account in your name, causing mayhem with your website and other malicious purposes.

Concealing physical and IP location is also wise as our society is filled with creepy people. Hence, not every entity on social media is internet friendly and advisable to avoid being a target by taking these extra security measures.

Registering your domain name

Domain names are a representation of a brand and they are a formidable tool in driving business growth. A catchy or short domain name can do just the magic for your brand, depending on the nature of your business.

Selecting a good domain name by yourself tends to be a bone in the neck and really tricky.

The various possible domain names flashing through your mind, leaving you to confuse with few choices or none at all.

Registering your domain name

Brandnic.com – A brand name marketplace.

Brandnic.com, a top business and domain name seller, offers branding services that can improve the chances of scaling up your business growth by far. The Brandnic team offers a business name generator to make a great impression on your customers. Brand names are the first impression and should be thoroughly considered from the initial business startup stage. A quick domain tool search reveals the availability or otherwise, of your domain name without the hassle by initiating a domain name WHOIS search. You may request for customized domain name suggestions, logo design services, get your domain name registered and become protected in a jiffy.

Buying a domain, either premium domain names that the registrant has listed on a marketplace or purchasing a regular domain name, it works the same way:

  1. Search for a premium domain name.
  2. Add the domain to your cart.
  3. Enter your contact information.
  4. Check out.

You are now a proud domain owner. Thereafter, the registration renewal shall be at the regular rates of domain registration in subsequent years of domain registration.

What if the Domain name is unavailable for sale?

If the domain name required is unavailable, pre-owned and yet to be listed for sale, it is possible to approach the domain owner and inquire, if they are willing to sell it.

Brandnic helps to get you a premium domain name for your business

Brandnic helps to get you a premium domain name for your business.

Brandnic provides the requisite support to connect you to the domain owner through the customer support service, negotiate an offer with the domain owner and secure the transfer of ownership to you. You may contact the owner directly but it is unwise and unsafe due to the risk inherent. Marketplaces with the regulated processes, such as Brandnic help prevent scams, save time and ensure the safe transfer of ownership. Brandnic principally does all the work for you.

Why Brandnic is your best domain name and branding, provider.

Branding is a self-discovery journey that defines who you are, who you want to be and how people perceive you. You do not have to walk the mile alone.

Personalized logos designed by Brandnic are uniquely crafted to express the brand and engender customer appeal. Some props available are a high-quality cheap domain, business packages, and deals at affordable rates. Brandnic is the most suitable brand that to assist you to start up by business and establishment as a notable brand with other outstanding support such as authentic trademark certification, 24/7 customer support, website description/content, and domain name monitoring services.  provide domain names.

Why Brandnic is your best domain name and branding, provider

Why Brandnic is your best domain name and branding, provider

Proper branding is crucial for all forms of business, as it increases the value of your company and distinguishes you from the competition by making a statement of how you wish to be perceived.

A great brand enjoys business referrals, trust, credibility and customer satisfaction.

Using branding resources and products from trusted companies such as Brandnic makes it easy to generate appealing and solid advertising strategies that match well with your branding goals.

The website also has an expanse list of cheap premium domain names, which typically are more expensive than the typical domains and is a very useful tool in generating brand names. You can easily couch a brand name from the already generated cheap premium domain names.

Final Words

If you intend to make a profitable investment and attract as much traffic as possible, the right name can be worth the investment. Why set yourself behind in the long line of competitors by saving a few dollars at the peril of hundreds and thousands of dollars potential profit?

Our goal is to help you find the best domain name and branding properties for your business, either premium or regular domain names at cheap rates. Go to Brandnic and search for a domain name today!

How To Pick Brand Name for Your Business

by marketing 25/11/2019

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In this ever-evolving global marketplace where everyone is striving hard to remain optimal in productivity. It is essential to cultivate a brand that gets easy recognition among the audience and gain a competitive edge in the market. The baby steps towards acquiring a wide recognition are via your brand name.

Your brand name is your identity in the business realm. Your competitors and target audience will recognize you with your brand name.

Hence, it is important to prioritize brand names and make it as recognizable as possible.

What Are Brand Names?

Brand names are nothing but a unique identity given to your business to differentiate it among the others. People tend to relate to the brand name in order to identify and differentiate them.

What Are Brand Names

Understanding brand name.

Brand names have to be appealing, attractive, and relevant in order to gain traction among the audience.

In this guide, you will learn more about how to pick the right brand name for your business and the right way to go about it. But before moving ahead and learn to develop your own brand name, it is essential to acknowledge the importance these brand names hold so that you can prioritize them over everything.

Enhances Your Brandability

There’s nothing better than having an attractive brand image to increase your brand image. When you own a brand name that is attractive and easy to remember, your customers will instantly fall in love with your brand.

Enhances Your Brandability

Enhancing your brand makes thing works like magic.

It provides an avenue for customers to find their way to your business. Branding is important to keep your business distinctive from others. It is a strategy to keep your brand competitive in the market.

Makes Your Brand Visible

Without a name, you cannot get the required recognition in the market as well as among the audience. Suppose you have established a business and not yet given a proper name to it. Can you expect your business to bring customers to you or increase your revenue graph as well? Probably cannot, because your brand will only be visible when it is given a proper name.

Makes Your Brand Visible

Making your brand visible.

Your brand name is your brand’s identity; without a name, it’s nothing. Giving a proper brand name for your business is necessary to make your business visible in the market as well as among the target audience.

A brand name is a doorway to the business; you better keep it open and welcoming for your customers.

Word Of The Mouth Marketing?

The brand name is ideal for the word of mouth marketing. With an appealing brand name, you can easily connect with your target audience and build a strong relationship with them.

When you have cultivated a strong client base, your valuable customers will spread the word and make your brand popular among other audiences as well.

Word Of The Mouth Marketing

Spread the word by the old school way – word of mouth marketing.

All this is possible when you brainstorm cute business names and find the most relevant one for your business.

There’s no better marketing tactic than word of mouth.

People tend to believe in what others have to say about a brand, and that works wonders for business. It creates a chain of customers for the brand leveraging it further in the global market.

More Professionalism and Credibility

When you invest in framing out an appealing brand name, you are automatically adding credibility and professionalism to your account. With brand names, you can develop a sense of credibility and professionalism among your audience. It is not about finding any random name that can fit in your business; it is about striving hard to find the best one that reflects your brand and easy to remember.

More Professionalism and Credibility

Having more professionalism and credibility of your brand.

It is always about building credibility and cultivate professionalism in order to emerge as a significant name in the market.

Invest in good brand names and keep enjoying its benefits throughout your business journey.

In further topics, we will discuss how to pick or create brand names for business for better results.

Increased Web Traffic

It is always about enhancing your online image and increasing online sales. A majority of customers are now online, they tend to look up for products and services online before making their purchase decision.

A brand name will help in placing your brand as a credible solution to their query. Your easy-to-remember and comprehensive brand name will make it easier for your customers to find you online and contribute to online sales.

Make sure your brand domain comes in a -.COM name extension, read our guide to understand why you should only go with -COM domain names.

Increased web traffic

A perfect brand name brings more leads.

Hence, it is important to invest in brand names and create one that can best justify your business. Go for names that have chances of getting recognized among the audience.

You would not want your customers to ignore you completely all because of a less attractive brand name.

Serious businesses always go for branding, you have to make sure that your business stands as a futureproof.

Reflects your Business Idea

Think like a customer, would you try to know everything about a new business at a first go? Would you take your precious time to delve deep into their business objectives? Not very often. That’s how customers think.

They don’t spare their time on a brand unless they find something relevant, intriguing, and attractive about the concerned brand. So, before stuffing your website with all the relevant information.

catchy brand name reflects your business idea

A catchy brand enhances your business brand.

It is essential to make your brand strong and provide a welcoming aisle for your customers.

Your brand name creates the first impression, so it should reflect your business idea.

This way, your customers will get a better idea about your brand before delving deep.

Picking Brand Name For Your Business

So, you want a cute brand name that people instantly LOVE and always remember. Sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Unfortunately, this task is far easier said than done. Luckily help is at hand.

Picking Brand Name For Your Business

Picking a brand name for your business.

There’s no rocket science in creating a brand name for the business. If you have the ideas, assistance from the right tools, market knowledge, and a creative mind, you can easily develop a brand name for yourself. Let’s learn how to create a cute brand name that perfectly reflects your business.

Business names – remember, memory and pronunciation matter

Cute company names are all well and good – they can be as ‘out there’ as you like, but what’s the point if no one remembers them? Worse still, what if nobody can pronounce them? It is highly essential to make your brand name easy to remember and pronounce. What would be the use of a brand name if people are not able to recognize them or pronounce them properly?

While there are some difficult to pronounce cute brand names that have struck lucky (like Guerlain, Gucci, and Porsche), many have failed to set the world alight, and their difficult to pronounce names didn’t help. So, you must not take any chances and always create brand names with a customer’s perspective.

Business names - memory and pronunciation matter

Memory and pronunciation matter.

Customers tend to get irritated with the brand that is hard to pronounce, which in the long run, makes them hate those brands. This works as a negative promotion for the brand which you can’t afford as a business. Hence, it is advised to make sure your brand names are easy to comprehend and pronounce.

There’s also a long line up of company names that probably took a long time to think up, only for the whole world to pronounce them in a way the original business owners didn’t intend

Such as ‘NUTELLA’ – which should really be pronounced new-tell-uh; also ‘IKEA’, that should be Ih-key-yah and ‘MOSCHINO’, which should be moss-key-no

Follow these guidelines on pronounceable AND cute company names…

Make it catchy – use memory aids

Linking your business name to a memorable image can help your target market recall it quickly – visually remembering your business (this is where Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Apple get it right). You can also use memory aids to create your brand names. Think of the things that your customers can relate to and instantly identify when they hear your brand name.

Opt for a two-syllable, one-word cute brand name

In our guide: Why your Brand Needs a Cool Company Name we explore how long a brand name should be, and how many syllables are optimal for consumer recollection. To summarize – two-syllable, one-word brand names are the most popular (and there’s plenty of reason to believe that they’re also the most memorable too).

If you need a little inspiration for your short and snappy, cute and catchy brand name, head to our 4 – 5 letter brand names.

Age does matter

When it comes to selecting a premium brand name, make sure that you always count the age of the name, domain age really matters when it comes to SEO as there are hundreds of factors involved in ranking a name to google and other popular search engines.

Test, test, and test again

Whatever the cute company name that you settle on, don’t commit to it until you’ve tested a minimum of five ideas on friends, family, and (ideally) your target market. Sit with your creative team and ask for their opinion about the brand name. It is always good to take the second opinion in order to think from different dimensions.

Do not finalize any name just based on your instinct decisions.

You need to be very careful while choosing a brand name, and you can’t make a decision just like that.

Go For Simplicity

Simple is the new extravagant in the industry. Going too fancy and frenzy with your brand name would not bring any good to your business. Going simple with your brand name is the right thing to do. Simple brand names are easy to remember, pronounce and strong in terms of their exposure.

Go For Simplicity

Target the simple word.

These names are generally one word that instantly clicks in the minds. For instance, if you take a look at all the successful brand names like Amazon, Apple, Samsung, etc., all these are one word and simplistic names that stay in audiences’ minds for long.

Sometimes it doesn’t matter that these short words made any sense; you can invent these names as well. Just like Twitter, Google, Starbuck, etc., though these names don’t make any sense, they have a wider reach among the audience. Long names can complicate everything; simple and straightforward names will bring required recognition to your brand.

Keep Logo in Mind

There are people who make their logo after naming the brand and those who make the logo first. In both cases, the logo must be in your mind. A logo is the visual representation of your brand. Though the logo is a secondary element, it is always good to keep the designs in mind while finding the names. It will help you frame out a name surrounding the logo. Your brand name and logo must be synonymous with each other and won’t be looked like an independent component.

Keep Logo in Mind

Make sure your logo compliments your brand name.

When you are shortlisting the names, compare them with your logo, and ensure which would suit the best. If you have already designed the logo, you can frame your name according to the logo design so that your customers are able to recognize your brand both with the logo and the name.

Your logo and brand name should be synonymous, you cannot choose a brand name and logo that do not complement each other at all. There have to be similarities between both. Hence, it is advised to keep the logo in mind whenever you start creating your brand name.

See The Future Growth

While deciding on the name of your brand, it is important to think about the future growth of your business. Gauge the brand name on different parameters and decide whether it will bring any futuristic gains to your business.

It is quite evident that your business would not be stationary always; there will be times when you would need to extend your product range and offer more services to your customers.

Growth of brand name

Thinking about the future of your brand.

Choosing the wrong brand name that was created without anticipating the future growth can restrict your scaling opportunities, and that can be detrimental for your business. For instance, if you established a business for cat food and named your brand Cat Food Inc. would not give you the power to expand it to dog food as your brand name would not reflect your business ideas. Hence, it is always important to make sure that you are laying down the name with proper insight for future growth.

You cannot name your brand on the basis of your current business objectives. As a success-oriented business, you would need to think from every dimension before taking any decision on the brand name.

Make sure you highlight all your visions and missions before creating a brand name.

Check Availability

If you have found the right brand name for your business that perfectly aligns with your present as well as future objectives, it’s time to check for its availability. When you think of a brand name manually without using any tool and just your creative mind, you would need to check the availability of the brand name and ensure that it is not taken. There are plenty of tools that can help you determine the availability of your brand name.

To check for a domain name you need to make sure the brand name you have in your mind is available to acquire in, to learn how to register your domain name read the complete guide on domain name and whois.

The ideal way to minimize all the hard work is by approaching a business name generator tool that will showcase you thousands of available options for your brand name.

These name generator tools take inputs from the users in the form of keyword for their business and display an extensive list of possible brand names that would be suitable for the business. After checking the name WHOIS (availability), the next step is to check the domain availability for your website. You can seek assistance from any reliable registry who can find and register your brand and domain name.

Read our complete entrepreneurs proven guide about generating business names.

Check Availability

Check the availability of your brand name.

Reasons for choosing a Cute Name for Your Business:

  1. Picking cute brand names isolates your business from a huge number of different organizations over the web.
  2. Need to be imaginative as it’s not easy to find the best name which also suitable for the business and yet easy to remember
  3. Your specific name is perfect and with respect to what your business is about.
  4. Another critical thing to be considered in your mind when you are picking a brand name is keeping it short and clear.
  5. Make a point to make a shorter name that will be less demanding for individuals to recall, and furthermore, they can enter it into their software program.
  6. When you select a name for your business, it is something that speaks to your organization. It gives a clear idea to the people.

How to develop cute girly brand names

Cute girly company names sound softer when pronounced, and they steer clear of masculine imagery – such as using strong, threatening animals (think Puma, Le Coq Sportif, and Greyhound).

Many also work into the feminine name colors, emotions, and adjectives – such as pink, lilac, love, adore, glitzy, and beautiful.

How to develop cute girly business names

Understanding cute company name.

Cute business name pro tip: Feminine words should be used sparingly in your brand name. Combing multiple fluffy girly words can lead to a name that’s more sickly sweet than cute and cool.

A special note on cute girly brand names for personal brands:

If YOU are your business – selling services for example – consider creating a personal brand name. More than other forms of domain names, personal brands are built on the business owner’s reputation – it should convey your identity, personality, and values.

Cute brand names – A golden rule that many overlook

When brainstorming cute domains, try not to choose one that ties you down to a single product. The making of any good business often relies on a multitude of revenue streams, which will prove tougher to create if your name is associated with a single, standalone product. After all, could you imagine a world in which Apple was called ‘Smart smartphones’ or Amazon is known as ‘The Online Book place’? Us neither, and with good reason too.

Still stuck? Here are some lightning-fast cute domain name ideas

A golden rule that many overlook

The cute brand name guide.

Feeling as though your cute brand name is hard to come by? Here are our seven top tips for a quick-fire naming session…

  1. Take to Google images and type in the name of your product or service – what do you see? More importantly, what do these images make you feel?
  2. Move on to Pinterest – repeat step one
  3. Ask friends, family, and Facebook – Online business groups for their ideas
  4. Create a list of words that conjure up memories or emotions – consider what you want your customers to feel when they buy from you, or remember about their experience
  5. Undertake some market research – look at your competitors, what are their brand names? What do you like and dislike about them?
  6. Think about what your brand values are – examples include quality, authenticity, quirkiness, and championing the individual
  7. All else failed? Don’t panic – try a cute domain names generator (but read on first)

Use a catchy brand name generator

Cute shop name generators, such as the ones that you’ll find on this website, can wipe out much of the legwork in manually summoning up a list of potential names. They are extremely helpful in finding brand names in no time.

To use Brandnic’s cute shop name generator, you can search for a brand name in the search box – using keywords (such as the name of your product or service); or you can skip straight to a list of premade brands, all sorted by categories, such as health & beauty brand names or arts & design brand names.

Use a cute brand name generator

A cute brand name generator.

Brandnic’s cute shop name generator doesn’t just provide business name ideas, it also includes cute website names in the form of a domain and a ‘done-for-you’ logo. Simply search, select your cute business name, and get your business set up faster than handling these steps yourself.

The final word – Avoid these mistakes

Before we go, we want to leave you with some things that you should absolutely avoid if you want your business name to be memorable and cute. Break these rules at your peril!

Avoid these cute business name mistakes

Avoid these mistakes when searching for a brand name.

  1. Avoid non-alphabetic characters – such as %”& – these can’t appear in your domain and could lead to plenty of online confusion for those looking for your business
  2. Avoid initials – they’re cold and meaningless (e.g., your target market won’t care, at all, about them)
  3. Avoid the more than 200 ‘sensitive words’ – that you’re probably not legally allowed to use.

Read more about this here: How to trademark a company name?

Why Domain Names are Important

by marketing 25/11/2019

Read Time: 12 minutes

With the world turning all-digital, it has become challenging to remain competitive in the business realm. Each day, a business is incepted in the industry with a view to showcase its potentials and grab a credible position in the global marketplace.

It has become more than necessary to generate a unique identity so that your target audience can get familiar with you, and the market can recognize you. In this digitally dominated space, there is more than one way to generate a credible identity. One of the reliable ways that have been proven to be a highly beneficial option for businesses worldwide is developing a website.

Yes, websites work as a doorway to your business from where all your customers can interact with your brand and build brand loyalty. It is important to make your website intuitive and user-friendly in order to provide customers with a seamless experience. A website comprises of all the relevant information about the business.

Domain names important, and it is an undeniable fact that domain names hold a significant position in leveraging the online identity of a business.

From the vision to the offering, everything is listed there in an aesthetic manner. There are several factors that contribute to making a website successful and productive for the business. Apart from the developing and designing part, there is one more critical element that every business must concentrate on, i.e., domain names.

What is Domain Name?

Domain names are basically the virtual address of the business given to the website. Every computer has an IP address that is a combination of numbers that are difficult to memorize and use regularly. Domain names rightly replace them with an alphanumeric alias that is comprehensive and easy to remember.

They are followed by a domain extension such as .com, .net, .edu, .org etc.

What is a Domain Name

Explaining about a domain name.

Domain names are unique, and every website has its own names that help customers recognize the brand. 644 million. That’s how many other websites there are. Among them, there will almost certainly be thousands of websites that you need to compete with (if not hundreds of thousands, or even millions – depending upon your industry).

That’s where domain names come handy to provide business with a unique identity to get familiar with the audience.

Your website name is the first thing that your audience will look into and remembering a unique string of numbers is impossible; these domain names are an effective means to give your website an addressing scheme.

Before delving further into the world of domain names, it is important to understand the multiple perks of domain names and why it is necessary to have one. Read on…

Why Are Domain Names So Important?

You cannot escape the Internet; it is everywhere. You need a website in order to survive the digital wave, and domain names help in giving your website the required recognition.

Why Are Domain Names So Important

Importance of a domain name

As mentioned earlier, domain names are quite simple, straightforward, comprehensive, and easy to remember; it depends on you to find the appropriate name suiting your business. If you haven’t thought about domain names important yet, take a look at its significance in the business world:

Gives You Edge in The Digital Wave

It is not only important to survive the digital wave, but it is also important to lead the way. Even domain names imply that you are embracing the digital revolution and emerging technologies. Hence, investing in a good domain name is highly important to remain credible.

Adds Mobility To Your Online Presence

Web hosts are also an important component of the internet that houses your website. If you have a domain name, you can have flexible mobility over the internet that means you can easily transfer web hosts and even switch to in house servers. The absence of a domain name will damage your branding.

Attracts Web Traffic

Your domain name is your business’s virtual address that your customers will use over the internet to find you. Choosing an appropriate domain name that mirrors the idea of your business is the sure short way to drive traffic. For instance, if you are into the hardware business and name your website as hammers.com, there are chances that visitors looking for hammers might land up on your website. As simple as that.

Builds Your Brand

Unlike other marketing your branding strategy, giving your website a domain name is the most effective, easy, and reliable way to strengthen your brand. It increases brand awareness and leverages your brand among the target audience. An easy-to-remember domain name will stay in your customers’ minds, and they can connect with your brand whenever they are searching for brands similar to you.

Enhances Search Engine Rankings

Yes, domain names have prominence over search engines, as well. When you develop a website and put all the quality and SEO friendly content, it is your domain name that will help gain recognition on search engines. When you fill your website with SEO worthy content, your domain name will become more familiar to search engines, and it will automatically direct all the relevant traffic that can be beneficial in leveraging your brand identity.

Builds Online As Well As Offline Credibility

Domain names are authoritative. A high-value domain name that reflects your business idea helps in establishing credibility and a sense of professionalism as well. This credibility works both online and offline.

Having a credible domain name will ensure that you are placed as a legitimate business in front of your audience.

A Great Investment

Buying domain names are like investing in real estate; its value increases over time. It is one of the high benefit reaping investments that you can make in your business. Offering multiple benefits with a single investment, your domain name has got more than you can imagine.

Sets Your Customer’s Expectations

Your domain name is the first thing that your audience will notice. When you register a domain name for your business, you are setting up expectations for your business. Your domain name should be easily clickable in your audience’s mind. An unfamiliar and competitive domain might restrain your audience from clicking on it that can severely damage your PPC campaigns. Hence, it is important to choose a domain name that your audience can easily connect to and have positive expectations from you.

Global Recognition For Your Brand

Assigning domain name for your website means placing your brand on the world wide web. Your domain name will be visible to all the global internet users giving your brand marketability around the globe.

Even if your business is operating at the other end of the world, your domain name will help you have an omnipresence over the internet.

Anyone around the world will be able to connect with your brand just by using your domain name.

What Are Exclusive Domain Names?

Now that you are acquainted with the importance of domain and the significance they hold in the business industry, it is time to learn more about these domain names. Choosing a domain name out of the blue is definitely not the right way to go about it.

Your domain name should be superior, unique, and yielding.

And that’s exactly what precious domain name does for you.

What Are Premium Domain Names

Premium names are different than ordinary domain names.

As the name suggests, valuable domain names are exclusively for you. Understanding premium domain names is one of the most important first steps to a solid marketing strategy. Slightly expensive than the standard domain names, these are domain names that have the potential to leverage your marketing and branding strategy like nothing else.

What Makes Catchy Domain Names So Exclusive?

A valuable domain name is a name owned by a registry or an individual. It typically costs higher than the usual domain name, and it is worth every penny. An exclusive domain name becomes precious when it is considered more valuable than the standard domain name.

From its length to brand image it portrays, rare domain names are considered exclusive for many reasons.

What Makes Catchy Domain Names So Exclusive

Catchy domain names worth is still less .. in future they will be worth millions.

Catchy domain names (also referred to as premium domain names) have a number of key characteristics that make them easy to remember, such as being:

  1. A Top-Level Domain (TLD)– Top Level Domains include .com, .org, .net, .gov, .biz and .edu (.com is far preferable to any other domain name, with 75% of all visible websites boasting a .com domain name)
  2. Short – Ideally between 4 and 5 letters – ‘type-in’ traffic (e.g. those that tap out the domain, as opposed to clicking on a link, accounts for 50% of all visitors, so your rare domain MUST be short – the source)
  3. Reflective of your business name –Your brand name depicts tour business idea, it has to be that way. It combines all the key elements of a business and entwines them into an alphanumeric name that mirrors your business.
  4. Geographically relevant – if you only serve a key location, then using that regional word in your domain can communicate to your visitors that they’re in the right place. A word of warning, however – if you opt for this, be sure that you won’t expand past your locality in the future – changing your domain at a later date can be a logistical nightmare.

Precious domain name – what to avoid while choosing it

For every positive characteristic of attractive domain names, there is an equal number of things that you should absolutely avoid.

Precious domain name – what to avoid while choosing it

Exclusive names are a great way to start a business.

  1. Numbers – numbers are extremely problematic when it comes to potential website visitors recalling whether they are in character form, or number form (e.g. this1website.com OR www.thisonewebsite.com).
  2. Hyphens – while you may think hyphens are handy to split words up, these too are also tricky to remember (e.g. some people may recall your hyphened domain without the hyphens – rememberthis.com or they may type in www.remember-this.com).
  3. Stuffing keywords into it – No longer does Google place value on the words in your domain, so stuffing keywords into your domain is only going to make it longer and harder to remember (e.g. shoesheelsflatslondon.com will prove a total nightmare to work with).
  4. Purchasing a domain name that’s too similar to an existing website – this will confuse your potential visitors and could also land you in hot water if that particular domain includes a trademarked word or term, for more info;

Understand how to trademark a slogan? or a tagline read a complete guide.

Benefits of Quality Domain Names

There’s always more than you imagine. Exclusive domain names might seem simple and usual, just like the standard domain names, but they hold great importance. Their worth in the internet world is weighed in gold.

Let’s take a look at the possible benefits you will get after registering for a premium domain name.

Great For SEO

It is quite evident that the quality content of the website is something that helps in ranking well on the search engines.

Webmasters consider luxury domain names as authoritative and trustworthy.

Well, yes, poor website content can never get you anywhere. But, holding a valuable domain name have a competitive edge on the search engine rankings.


As mentioned earlier, a premium domain name can handle all your branding requirements with ease. With catchy domain names, you don’t have to work hard to influence your target audience. These easy-to-remember and effective domain names are a great tool for better marketing.

You will have to spend less on PPC as the exclusive domain name promotes organic search rankings.

Exclusive domain names are extremely beneficial for enhanced exposure in the market. With a credible name, you can market your brand better in the market.

Instant and Effective Recognition

Your premium domain name will speak for your brand. You don’t have to brag about the brand or possibly go out looking for customers. Investing in catchy domain names will provide your brand with the required instant identity. It can also save your money incurred on branding strategies, as well.

Higher Trust and Authority

Unlike standard domain names, valuable domain names help in creating a sense of trust and authority. Users tend to build a strong relationship with brands whose domain names gives a professional touch. For instance, the audience will rather trust “Car.com” than “FindCarOnline.com“. Domain names gain trust with their credibility and professionalism. And trust and authority influence your customer’s purchase decision as well.

Hence, it is important to always go for an exclusive domain name over any others.

If you have been finding trouble in getting one, you seek assistance from the online brand name generator.

Physical Marketing

Not just for digital marketing tactics, catchy domain names are equally great for offline marketing as well. Exclusive domain names are ideal for physical marketing methods such as billboards, TV, radio, print adverts, etc. They work wonder for offline marketing as people are able to recognize the short, crisp, and effective domain names of the business. These domain names have a higher success rate in the offline market, as well.

When To Buy a Catchy Domain Name?

It is quite evident that premium domain names work wonders for the business. From SEO exposure to better marketability, precious domain names have plenty of benefits in the business realm.

The major purpose served by these domain names is that they are shorter, more brandable, and easier to remember.

So, you must start thinking about getting a valuable domain name when you require a brandable image in the market.

When To Buy a Catchy Domain Name

Premium domains have a lot of worth in them and will be more expensive with time.

You can either buy a luxury domain or upgrade your current one to turn exclusive. The only drawback that often makes people hesitant to invest in them is the hefty price tag. But the higher price will be worth your investment. With a one time investment, you can enjoy a range of benefits.

Regarding domain name worth, read detailed information about your domain name value.

Now that you know what premium domain names are let’s dig into how you should go about buying one – starting with a key question: should you buy a catchy domain that is already owned?

Where Should You Buy Your Exclusive Domain Name?

It is important to determine the right way to acquire a valuable domain. You can either get it from a registry or an individual who already owns the domain name.

Buying a domain name from an individual owner (rather than from a domain specialist such as ourselves) does demand a carefully thought-out strategy. There are many mistakes that can be made when buying a premium domain, such as revealing your identity.

Where Should You Buy Your Exclusive Domain Name

Brandnic – Marketplace for your brand names.

A better approach would be to either purchase your domain through a domain registrar or via a domain supermarket that exclusively sells attractive domain names. However, another alternative that many consider is to buy a domain along with their hosting. Your web hosts are also a staunch provider of domain names. You can seek their assistance to find the best luxury domain name for your business. The trouble with this particular approach is that it can lead to complexities if you become unhappy with your hosting.

When you decide to switch your user, you would want to switch from the domain name, as well as it is provided by the web hosts. Switching from domain names will affect your brand image and make you less professional in the market. By keeping your domains entirely separate, you make your life far easier should you ever need to change your hosting provider. It is important to always keep your domain names from web hosts as you would not want to compromise on your credibility.

Protecting Your Brand Beyond Your Attractive Domain Name

Your domain name provides you with the required brand image. As mentioned earlier, it is important to brainstorm a name that can bring justice to your brand. An exclusive domain name is not just a fancy name that can get instant recognition among the audience; they help in protecting your brand image and continuously strengthen it. There are plenty of things that you need to consider while buying luxury domain names.

When buying an exclusive domain, don’t forget to consider purchasing at least .net domain extension, as well as other domain extensions if you can.

Protecting Your Brand Beyond Your Attractive Domain Name

Getting all the popular extension instead of just – .com.

For example, if your domain is www.MyPremiumDomain.com think about buying these 2 extensions too:

  • .net
  • .org

While this will inevitably result in a larger domain bill each year, we recommend this for a number of reasons:

  1. Fraudsters may steal your identity. So-called ‘imposter’ sites are a serious issue. Created to look exactly like a genuine site, unscrupulous online traders may attempt to trick your potential customers into purchasing from their site (only for the goods not to arrive, or for inferior products to be supplied). Needless to say, this can cause indelible damage to your brand.
  2. Others may try to hold you to ransom. If you leave other domains available, you may find that people try to capitalize upon this by selling them back to you for a much higher price.
  3. Genuine visitors may attempt to visit the wrong extension. Some of your target market who have previously seen your domain name may recollect it incorrectly. For example, if your domain name is www.billswebdesign.com some users may try to access your site via www.billswebdesign.co.uk

Ready To Discover Your Luxury Domain Name?

Domain names are as essential as acquiring a website. These names are the virtual address of your website that helps in placing your brand higher in the market. When you decide to get a domain name, it is important to get possibly the best one that can effectively enhance your brand image.

Ready To Discover Your Luxury Domain Name

Get .. set and go .. get started with your own -.com name.

Attractive domain names that are both short and .com are at a premium, with most one and two-letter word domains long since snapped up. Exclusive domain names just do the right thing with your image. If you’d prefer to save yourself the frustration of hundreds of tapped out searches, start right here. Brandnic can be of real help to find such catchy domain names.

Brandnic not only categorizes our domains by industry (such as domain names for business & finance companies and domains for tech & web businesses). The domains also serve as inspiration for your business name and come complete with a professionally designed, pixel-perfect logo.

Stop thinking and connect with Brandnic that caters to all domain requirements under one roof.


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