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Why Brandable Domain Names are Perfect for Startups

by Brandnic Official Blogs 20/06/2018

Brandable domain names provide a host of benefits for startups. Websites need strong names, just like the companies they are used to represent. The more memorable and easy to type your domain name is, the more likely it is that people will recommend your site to others. If you are a startup in the process of growing your brand and winning new customers, it’s essential that your domain name is easy to share and market. A great domain name can give your business more credibility and drive customer engagement. You are far more likely to win respect from the public if you have your own domain rather than placing your site on a free server.

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The best startup names

A quality domain and startup name can drive considerable traffic to your site, resulting in rising sales. If you are a startup seeking the perfect domain name, you will need to find something that’s easy to pronounce, will help you strengthen the value of your brand, will differentiate you from the competition and establish you as a leading player in your field. You can use a startup name generator to get some startup name ideas.

How to name your startup and stand out

If there are scores of companies offering the same kind of products and services as you, it’s important to do all you can to stand out from the competition. Until recently, many startups opted for nonsensical, bizarre names in order to win attention from would-be customers. This trend has all but died out now, with many companies choosing concise, clear and meaningful words instead.

Coming up with startup name ideas

It’s important to opt for brand and domain names that tell potential customers something about the services that you provide. You can still opt for brief and concise or even abstract names, but it is important to ensure your domain name actually reflects your products and services in some way. It’s also wise to opt for a domain name that is the same as your brand name, although it can be useful to purchase multiple domain names that work alongside your primary domain. Some companies opt to purchase misspelled versions of their main domain to cater for customers that type incorrect terms. If you are targeting a specific geographical location, you could even include the name of the town and city in your domains.

Get it right the first time

It’s wise to think very carefully about your choice of domain name and to wait until you find something that you are truly happy with. Changing your domain name further down the line can be risky and may mean losing the customers that you have worked so hard to win. Some of the world’s most prestigious domains include no more than two or three syllables.

The best startup names are memorable

The more memorable your domain name is, the easier it is to build up a strong relationship with your customers. Your domain name should be easy to pronounce, type and spell. It’s also a good move to avoid using numbers and hyphens, as these can cause confusion. People may type numbers rather than words and vice versa, so you may need to purchase more variations of your domain name to cater for them, which can be costly if you are a startup on a limited budget. It’s wise to opt for a .com address if possible, as many would-be customers type this after your brand name by default.

Use your brand in your domain name

The best domain for your business may well be your actual brand name followed by .com, though this is not a realistic aim for many new startups with limited budgets. If you don’t own an exact match of your brand name with a common extension, you could find yourself missing out on considerable traffic and therefore sales. You can strengthen your online presence by purchasing alternative versions of your domain with many different TLDs, keywords, spellings and more once your budget allows you to do so.

Is your chosen startup name available?

Once you have thought of a suitable domain name, you will need to find out whether it is actually available to you. A domain registrar can tell you whether the domain you wish to use is already taken. If it isn’t, you will be able to purchase it from a registrar. If the name is already in use, you may be able to purchase it, though this may be incredibly expensive depending on how sought-after it is. In some cases, you may find the name the name for sale on an online marketplace. If you don’t feel confident enough to secure the right deal, a domain broker may be able to negotiate on your behalf. It’s very important to ensure your domain name is not similar to those of your competitors. You must also choose a domain name that isn’t the trademark of someone else when naming your startup web address.

What are discoverable domain names?

Discoverable domain names are different from brandable domain names because they don’t normally include your brand name. These are directed at those that might be searching for the type of products and services that you offer but are currently unaware of your business. Discoverable domain names are descriptive and may summarise what you do rather than who you are. Many companies and organizations choose to register a mix of discoverable and brandable domain names to optimize traffic and sales.

Be distinctive when deciding on startup company names

Coming up with the perfect brandable domain name can take a great deal of time and patience. Many brandable domain and startup names include words that are associated with certain products and services and often include compound words. It may be beneficial to draw up a vast list of words that are linked to your brand and play around with them until you stumble across a pairing that works for you. You can also add suffixes to relevant words when coming up with a startup name, or even make up a word, though this can be risky. However, it will mean that your domain is completely unique. The domain name should be easy to pronounce, snappy and should roll off the tongue with ease. A startup name generator can also be helpful.


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