Why You Should Pick .Com Domain Name Over Others - A Complete Guide

Domain names are like the flagpoles of websites that bear their credibility of brands in the market and among the target audience. Who doesn’t want to frame a credible position in the global marketplace? Probably, no one. With this step by step guide, learn more about the prominence of domain names, the importance of prioritizing .com domain extensions, and why you should always go for short domain names. If the quest to find the reliable domain name registrar has got you here, then Brandnic can help you to get a perfect domain name for your business. Read Full Story ...

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Why You Should Pick .Com Domain Name Over Others

by Brandnic Official 21/11/2019

Read Time: 12 minutes

Table of Contents

1. What the meaning of Domain Name?
2. Domain Names Registration and Pricing
3. Best Registrar For – “.Com” Domain Names
4. What is – “.Com”?
5. Does Domain Name Include “www”?
6. Understanding WHOIS: A Complete Guide
7. Top Brand Domain Names Generators Marketplace
8. Value of Short Names in Business
9. Why “.com” Domains are Better Than The Rest?
10. Conclusion – Brandnic, Your One-Stop Solution For Domain Names


In this digitally dominated space, it has become more than important to create an online identity. Whether personal or professional, you need to build an online identity to establish your online presence. When it comes to businesses, it becomes even more imperative to carve out an online identity to reach out to your target audience.

Today, a majority of customers are online, and they look for online sources before making their purchase decision and extending their brand loyalty.

A brand website comes in handy in order to create a unique and credible identity in the market.

Comprising of all the relevant information regarding your brand and creating an avenue for interaction between the brand and the customers, an effective website can make significant changes in your business. It’s not just the web development and design that gives a website the required exposure among the target audience, it is also the domain name that enhances your online presence and establishes a unique identity.

Let’s learn more about the multiple perks of the domain name and its prominence in the internet world.

What the meaning of Domain Name?

A domain name is basically your website name that makes it unique and distinctive among the visitors and search engines. In layman terms, domain name works as your online address through which all the internet users can access your website.

Domain names are used to locate and identify the computers as they use IP addresses, a series of numbers that are hard to memorize.

Domain names make it easier to identify all the entities on the internet without using IP addresses.

What is a Domain Name

Explaining a domain name

It can be a combination of numbers and letters followed by different domain name extensions, such as .com, .net, and many more.

People often use a business name generator that is easy to get the perfect domain names for the respective website.

Generating a domain name is similar to investing in real estate on the internet. You can hold a piece of the pie that is exclusively yours. A domain name will hold an umbrella over the content you publish on your website.

Every business must invest in a domain name to give their business a professional outlook.

Apart from building credibility in the market and among the target audience, domain names are also an essential tool to protect copyrights and trademarks.

Domain Names Registration and Pricing

There is plenty of domain provider and domain name generator that have different price packages for their clients. The general basic price range of domain names falls between $10 – 15 per year. If you go for premium packages, you can also get elite and premium domain services from credible domain name providers in the market.

As mentioned earlier, domain names have to be unique, and “there can’t be two similar domain names”.

It is important to get your user name registered before it gets live on the internet. As domain name serves as a unique identity for the website, there cannot be two similar domain names.

No matter which type of domain you choose, the process is pretty similar and straightforward.

Take a look at the below steps to register your domain name hassle-free;

domain name details

Domain names registration and pricing

  • The first step: Towards registering your domain name is to think of the domain names that will best depict your business. You can even use a domain name suggestions generator to extract some ideal domain names for your brand.
  • The second step: Once you have shortlisted a few names, it’s time to check its availability.
  • The third step: You would need to make the payment for the domain name either through a credit card or a PayPal account. If you have a web host already, you can seek the primary and secondary servers from them. In case you don’t have a web host, you can place your domain name on a temporary server.

Best Registrar For – “.Com” Domain Names

Registration of the domain name is an important criterion to acquire your unique website address. In order to register your domain name, you would need to locate the best registrar in the marketplace. A domain name registrar is a company that handles and monitors the reservation of domain names on the internet. They also look after the assignment of IP addresses as well for the domain names.

Domain names are the alphanumeric aliases that help your visitors to access your website.

For instance, google.com is the domain name for Google, and its IP address is What can you memorize more easily, a domain name or an IP address? Of course, a domain name, and that’s why domain names are the easier way to access the websites. You would need to find a domain name registrar who can help in reserving your domain name.

A reliable registrar should be accredited by the generic top-level domain (gTLD) or county code top-level domain (ccTLD).

brandnic premium brand name registrar only

Best registrar for “.com” domain names.

If you are looking for a credible registrar who can serve all your purposes of domain name registration, then Brandnic is the name you can trust. Helping you streamline the hassle of finding a unique, attractive, and credible business name, Brandnic, with its extensive catalog of domain names and effective registry services, will help you steer through the process without any trouble.

Brandnic has a great domain name generator that will help you find the available and possibly the best domain name for your business.

If you have got the creative business idea to incept in the industry, let Brandnic help you leverage your credibility with a unique domain name. Moreover, learn how to protect your business idea from being stolen.

What is – “.Com”?

As mentioned earlier, there are different domain name extensions that follow the alphanumeric domain names, and .com is one such TLD in the domain name system. “.com” was added in the domain name system back in 1985 and has been derived from the word commercial. All the commercial domains are registered in .com.

When it was introduced in 1985, .com was one of the original TLDs among the others like .edu, .gov, .mil, .org, net, and int.

Over the years, .com has emerged as the largest top-level domain.

The responsibility of managing the domain names is given to the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. They further segregate the day-to-day responsibilities of domain registrars. Though “.com” was primarily focused on commercial websites, over the years with the wide perspective of .com, it has extended its horizons.

There are several non-commercial websites that are using .com names just to enjoy the benefits of perceived recognition of .com in the industry.

what is .com?

Understanding “.Com” domains.

When the .com domain was registered, it was administered by the US Department of Defense, which was later subcontracted to Network Solutions Inc.

In 1995, NSI started to charge an annual fee from the registrants, and the initial fee was $50/year.

With the advancement of technology and the rapid growth of the internet, .com became one of the popular and reliable top-level domains for websites. The time period from 1997 to 2001 was called the prime time for the evolution of .com, and the phase was popularly known as the dot-com bubble. From small businesses to MNCs were inclining towards .com for its top-level domain benefits.

There are multiple perks of acquiring a .com powered domain name.

One of the major advantages of selecting a .com domain is evidently its popularity and valuable extension in the market.

It is easily recognizable among the visitors, and it is great from the SEO perspective as well. All the big brands in the industry have been harnessing the wide exposure of the “.com” domain.

Does Domain Name Include “www”?

A domain name is a combination of alphabets and numbers followed by a domain extension. Often, people, have a common doubt that does a domain name include WWW. Well, the answer to such apprehensions is that your domain name does not contain WWW. World Wide Web is a web configuration that servers use (not all).

Even if your audience enters the domain name URL with or without WWW, they’d be able to access your website without any trouble.

It is essential to ensure that your website works both with and without the domain name.

Earlier, the use of WWW in the domain name was prevalent. It was used to distinguish a concerned website from its other domain elements. For instance, a website administer can set up mail for the email server and FTP. For the FTP server, the general public cannot access it.

With the use of WWW, all the general visitors were taken to the public page that they intend to visit.

Does Domain Name Include WWW

www. in your domain name

In the early days of domain names, WWW was used to give them recognition among the general public. For example, during those days, you would not have seen jurassicpark.com written on the movie poster because it wouldn’t have been possible to recognize what it is implying to. But, adding www.jurassicpark.com would instantly make people aware that it is related to the internet. Hence, www was popular in those days.

Gradually, with the advent of technology and the popularity of the internet, the use of www in the domain names started decreasing.

Now, your visitors can directly enter the exact domain name with its respective extension to access your site. It is your responsibility to check your website configuration to make sure that it is accessible for both who enters and who doesn’t enter the domain name with www.

Understanding WHOIS: A Complete Guide

All the search engine results, especially the top searches, get linked to the webpage of registrars, and WHOIS is a response and query protocol used for querying database. It stores all the registered users or assignees on the internet, including domain name, IP address block, and autonomous system.

The WHOIS database stores and provide the database content in a readable format.

The WHOIS database is as old as the internet. The ARPANET used to create a channel for the transmission of information from the domain owner to the database. Later on, it was transferred to the Internet Engineering Task Force or IETF.

Understanding WHOIS

Understanding the WHOIS database.

Let’s learn more about this query database in 4 Steps.

1. Get Access To WHOIS

WHOIS services are offered by all the registrars. There are two common ways to access the distributed network of WHOIS, either with a free web page or with a free Port 43 service. While the free web page provides real-time access to all the data, Port 43 service allows you to get automated queries powered by machines.

2. Benefits of WHOIS

WHOIS serves many purposes. It can be used for any purpose that is legal in the cyber world. Apart from locating the domain name registrants, WHOIS data can assist network administrators in finding and fixing system issues and maintaining stability.

WHOIS is also used to find the source of a cyber attack, information of the domain owner, report, and connect with the website authorities.

WHOIS data can also be used to check the availability of domain names, detect fraud and spam, increase the accountability of the domain name registrants, identify trademark infringement, etc.

3. Ensure Accuracy of WHOIS

When you are relying on WHOIS data for any reason, it is important to ensure the accuracy of that data.

Domain name registrants have to make sure the WHOIS information is accurate throughout the registration process.

Before 2013, domain name registrars were not allowed to verify and validate the information of domain name registrants. With the inclusion of the Registrar Accreditation Agreement, domain name registrants have to carefully follow the instructions provided by the registrar in order to complete the registration process. WHOIS data help the registrars to get the full proof information regarding the domain names enabling them to conduct the registration properly.

4. How WHOIS Collects All The Information?

WHOIS is a database that gets all the information as and when the registrant registers a domain. It sends an automated email/reminder to the owner to manually update their information on WHOIS. It helps in maintaining the accuracy and flexibility of the domain until it expires.

In case, a registrant enters the wrong information, and doesn’t update the data in the WHOIS database, the respective domain name will be canceled or suspended subsequently.

Hence, it becomes important for registrants to enter the accurate details and make necessary changes when required.

Top Brand Domain Names Generators Marketplace

There’s no doubt in asserting that domain names are an essential component for developing a credible online identity. In order to carve out a distinctive identity, you need to find a unique brand name that perfectly aligns with your brand and enhances its prominence among the target audience.

Finding an effective domain name is an important decision a business needs to take.

A domain name helps your business in creating a strong relationship with the clients.

There are plenty of ways through which you frame the domain name.

A Domain name generator is one such effective and common practice.

By using a domain name generator tool, you can get domain name suggestions that will possibly go with your brand.

You can choose from the thousand available options and make a well-informed decision. A random domain name generator will take input from you about the brand and give the relevant ideas for your domain names. Generally, these generators are free and easy to use. You just need to fill in some details to get your results.

domain generators - marketplaces

Top brand domain names generators – marketplaces.

It is important to find the best domain name generator in the market that is well known for its services. Brandnic also comprises a domain name suggestions generator that provides its clients with a wide range of domain name ideas that they can pick from. It is a well-known domain name registrar in the market that is focused on providing the best domain name solutions for the clients.

Value of Short Names in Business

Choosing the right domain name is the most crucial decision that you need to take in order to enhance your online presence in the market. Domain names are the doorway to your brand. Hence, it is important to make them as easy as possible to remember and access.

Acquiring a short and easy to remember domain name will increase the chances of your customers to remember your brand for long.

Choosing a long domain name with difficult alphanumeric combinations will make it harder for customers to connect with your business.

Value of Short Names

Short domain names rule of thumb for most entrepreneurs

Long domain names are hard to type, remember, and spell, whereas short domain names can instantly grab visitors’ attention and get register in their minds. One of the domain naming experts once said: “Humans have a short concentration span, and memorizing long domain names are quite difficult.

A short domain will always convey authority and have a higher probability of acquiring brand loyalty.

Apart from being easy to remember, a short domain name will make your business look more professional and exclusive. When you use a short domain name, the chances of errors, and misspells are quite less, unlike in long domain names. Getting right to the point and hitting the right chords, a short domain name is always a beneficial move to make the most out of your domain name.

Why “.com” Domains are Better Than The Rest?

As mentioned earlier, the .com domain is the most effective and widely perceived domain that is used to enhance the online presence of your brand.

Take a look at the possible reasons why .COM domains are the best for brands.

A Majority Of Brand Prefer “.com’s”

Around 46% of websites across the world use .com as their ideal domain. Since the .com domain has been introduced to the world, it has become the go-to domain for a majority of global brands.

Builds Credibility For The Brands

Though the internet has welcomed and embraced many domain extensions, it is still .com that most of the people are able to recognize. When .com is followed by the domain name for a website, it instantly creates a sense of credibility towards the brand.

SEO Benefits Are Remarkable

There are instances where search engines like Google favor websites with .com domain extension and rank them higher in the universal results. Hence, acquiring a .com domain extension is always beneficial from an SEO perspective.

Free From Specific TLD Rules

It is quite evident that TLDs like gTLDs and ccTLDs comes with strings of rules regarding respective domain extensions. Choosing a .com domain extension will keep you away from such specific rules and guidelines of TLDs.

Better Establishment of Brand

Unlike any other domain extension, .com is easily recognizable. People generally think that all the domain name ends with “.com”

There are plenty of big names that have harnessed the perks of .com, including Apple, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft Google, and the list goes on.

Conclusion – Brandnic, Your One-Stop Solution For Domain Names

A business idea comes to its worth when it gets the required recognition in the market and among the target audience. Every business is striving hard to sustain its presence in the global marketplace and strengthen its customer base.

Acquiring a credible domain name is a baby step towards success.

When you create your website, you would need to give it a unique name that can get instant recognition among your target audience.

one stop solution for domain names

Conclusion – Brandnic your one-stop solution for brand names!

A domain name works as an online address of the business that customers use to reach out to them. Whether it is acquiring a short domain name or favoring .com domain extension over anything else, it is essential to make sure that you get the appropriate solution for your brand name.

In order to find the ideal domain name for your business, you would need to locate the best domain name registrar in the market that can best suffice your needs.

Always make a better choice with Brandnic, a reliable premium domain name marketplace that will cater to all your domain name requirements.

You can select from a galore of domain names from our service. With the extensive catalog of domain names exclusively designed for you, finding domain names at Brandnic will hardly consume your time.

Join hands with Brandnic to get your unique domain name registered now.


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