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The First thing that you have to care about your business is “Decide your Business Name”. Deciding an attractive, simple and memorable business name is as important as deciding the title of any book. It is the foremost thing that your customer hears before learning about your products or services.

Customer Satisfaction is our Key Value

Our Key values for our customers focus on the smooth transaction, clear communication, and supportive behaviors of our client’s service team.

Most of the time, the team starts the conversation with the business name and represents its products or your services after that. The business name does not only represent your business but also pays the impression on your social media accounts, the phone calls, the customer service, packages, business cards, and portfolios.

Your brand name is the first impression of your business and about the products you offer. Once you decide it, it’s very hard to change it.

Your business name is just the start of your business, so you have to make it perfect…. Right?

This is the only reason because of which Brandnic offers its mastering services in the business name field.

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“I and my sister visited Brandnic for a week and now it is the time when we get a great logo and the Brand Name. This is really best to start our business. The Brandnic made it easier for me. It is really amazing!”

Getting a .com extension of the domain name is essential for you to ensure your Internet presence in all over the world.

Brandnic offers you the best business name along with .com extension. We offer our domain name services with complete packages like every chosen name is offered with the professional logo at affordable prices. We avoid the time-wasting search process, useless domain, low-quality searching and all other factors that discourage our customers.

Brandnic is keen to help clients that have less time for searching for good domain names. Our visuals will guide you to having a refined research search in the market place. They will motivate you unless you find the perfect domain name for your business.

There is not any perfect start for any business rather than naming it well. A great business name will introduce your business to potential and targeted customers.

Brandnic domain names are the best brand names to start your business or to rename your existing business, let’s get started by having your own .com business address

Implement your great business idea by getting a premium domain name at Brandnic.com

What comes with my purchase at Brandnic?

Brandnic is one of the top business name sellers and contains the largest premium online .com domain names inventory in the market. The company does not just provide thousands of brand names to new startup businesses but also to the existing ones.

Every purchase comes up with a:

Domain Name
Logo (png and source file)

What is additional service in the offer?

Brandnic also adds up trademark certification and monitoring services for the domain names worth more than U$1500 as a bonus for the buyers, Cognate trademark services are one of the most authentic, secure and simplest in the industry and the highest number of records rights in the world.

How can I buy a brandable domain name from Brandnic?

Every domain page has the “Buy Now” button next to the price. Simply, click and proceed to checkout and own the domain name!

What customer support do we give to our customers?

Our technical expert team will provide a basic functioning and provide a hassle-free domain name transfer, also ensuring a fast response to our customers. Additionally. We believe in accomplishing a job once the customer is happy and received their domain name full control.

Do I need to register email or create a profile?

It does not require any pre-registration or account creation. As soon the sale is done, you will be automatically registered in the system and will be forwarded to the Transaction Center (Message System) where you will be handled by an experienced Brandnic Representative, who will transfer the brand name ownership to you 100% and make sure you are satisfied with the transfer. That’s how it is 100% safe and secured.

How do Brandnic Accept Payment?

Brandnic accepts the Credit Card, PayPal, and the Bank wire transfers to facilitate the customers. You can avail of all these and other benefits from our domain purchase link.


Brandnic keeps on supporting the enthusiastic business owners and the entrepreneurs by offering both matched and unmatched successful business names. Following are some of our clients who found their domain names using our assistance and are satisfied with Brandnic services and also generous enough to share their experience with us:


Branding is the most essential factor for me as I observed that the companies I was working with invested more time in other things than the most important factor of branding. I was facing many problems in deciding the right business name for the services I wanted to offer to my client. One day I was surfing the Internet and found Brandnic.com, as they offered multiple name options for my business name. The support team is fantastic and helped me in finalizing my domain name and the logo. Overall, I had a good experience with the Brandnic people to get the best domain name for my business.

Timothy J.


I was looking for the online domain name for the first time. It was a great experience with Brandnic, as I got the super business name for my company. It made the whole process simple and efficient. I got the domain, the business name and the logo in the first time. It took me around 15 minutes to get the name of my dream. The support was very helpful in this regard. I recommend this service to all the business owners who are looking for their domain name. Thank you so much.

Joshua T.


I was referred by my office colleague who planned to start his own business as we both work in a IT company and we was thinking to start a company but not get a chance to think of a perfect name... Later we found Brandnic and we both searched and found the name of our choices, we ordered and Brandnic staff helped us to get the whole transfer process done and we got the possession of a domain name in our control, they also sent us the Adobe source file for the logo which we loved and now we refer these people to our other colleagues too. I wish they have a system where we can make money on the referral as we know many people who wanted to start or wanted to change the current business name and choose a nice one for their existence business.

Suleiman M.


I found this website thru google and at first I was unsure what to do as I loved many names and wanted to re-brand my Solar panel business in Chicago so I found few names and asked my wife to help me and we found a perfect name and ordered from Brandnic, they helped us to transfer the name to us and we got immediately the logo for the business, I must say that these people there are awesome!! Perfecto!!!

Anthony C.


We decided to rebrand our services and for this we changed our value preposition as well as the services. Therefore we also wanted to change our domain name. After working with the experienced personals, we worked on the values, the theme and the vibe wanted for our company, but the work on the domain name is still pending. We consulted with the support of Brandnic with the clear vision, mission and the offering. After that, they supported us in finding the best domain name for the company as well as the Logo. Thank you so much Brandnic.

Sarah C.


I was confuse which name to choose which is easy to be conveyed over the phone and over the counter and I found Brandnic and it became very easy for me .. in fact got many choices and I asked my husband the name and we both finalized the name together on Brandnic.com


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