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Catchy Business Names

by Brandnic Official Blogs 01/08/2019

You’re in the midst of firing up your business – you’ve got the idea and you’re putting together a plan to gain ground on your competitors. But just as important as developing your product or service is coming up with catchy business name ideas that will eventually lead to a company name that becomes synonymous with your offering. Yet as you may have found, dreaming up catchy business names can prove to be quite the challenge. Which is exactly why we created this guide.

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What defines a catchy company name? 

Catchy company names typically boast three characteristics…

  1. Catchy company names are short

Catchy company names tend to be incredibly concise. Think about names in any category – while New York is often referred to as New York, Los Angeles is often reduced to LA. The same applies to tablets and televisions (TVs) and laptops and personal computers (PCs).

This rule also explains why many of the biggest brands in the world reduced their names – like Apple Computers to Apple, Federal Express to FedEx; Beverages More to BevMo! And it seems like they all made a wise move in doing so, as research shows that shorter brand names account for the most profitable companies in the world. The key takeaway here is to opt for a two-syllable word.

  1. Catchy business names endure big changes

The best business names can stand up to huge changes to the business itself; changes such as…

  • A business sale
  • An expansion in the target market
  • An expansion to new regions and countries
  • The launch of a new product or service
  • A switch or different mix between online and offline service delivery/product sales
  1. Catchy business names sound fitting with the product or service on offer

The role sound plays in catchy names for business is something that is often overlooked by business owners.

Take a look at these two shapes, which one is called “bouba” and which is called “kiki”?

Give it a moment. Think about it.

If you’re like 95% of participants that took part in one renowned study, you will have said that “kiki” is the first shape, and “bouba” the second.

This simple test demonstrates just how influential a role sound can play when it comes to creating a business name that represents your offering. It also underlines the importance of testing your product name on as many people as possible to gain feedback (especially when your brand name is unique, rather than an existing word or combination of existing words).

Catchy company names that convey meaning 

There’s a big difference between attractive business names, and company names that communicate what a company actually does. For this reason, you’ll need to carefully consider how you can create a name that is both memorable and meaningful.

This balance is a fine one and is probably the most challenging aspect of coming up with a catchy company name. To help with this process, start by developing a mind-map. Branching off from the center should be words and terms that are associated with your business – such as the products or service you sell. From each of these sub branches, you should then think about the problems you resolve, and the emotions that are associated with them. You may also want a dedicated branch that lists your values, beliefs and personality as a company. 

Domain auctions – Catchy auction names 

If you’re looking for a website domain name you may be researching your options as to where to purchase from. One of these choices might be domain auction websites.

Where catchy auction names are concerned, such as domains that are very short or that consist of highly competitive industries, you can expect these kinds of domains to attract a lot of attention (thereby reducing your chance or winning and driving the domain price up).

Another cause for concern is where you come across an auction that has only limited time left. In this instance you may feel forced to bid before doing full diligence (such as checking the business name’s past reputation, whether there’s a negative backlink portfolio or if the associated domain has previously been used for industries that are blacklisted by Google – such as pornography or gambling sites).

There’s also the temptation of bidding more than you can realistically afford when caught in the heat of the moment.

Finally, you may fall victim to unscrupulous domain sellers, where domain owners employ stooges to make bids to simply drive the price up.

Attractive business names and domain marketplaces

In contrast to bidding for a domain name by auction, domain marketplaces offer an altogether more measured buying experience. You can browse at your leisure, take time to research potential domains and won’t fall into the trap of being bid up by bogus competitor buyers.

But there is one drawback – and that’s the fact that most domain marketplaces only sell domains – they don’t sell attractive business name packages.

At brandic, we fall firmly into the category of business name sellers. We provide premium domains, along with a bespoke logo and we even offer trademark certification and monitoring services for domain names that are worth more than $1500 – thereby protecting the asset that you’ve just purchased.

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