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Benefits of a Short Domain Names for Business

by Brandnic Official Blogs 31/08/2019

We’re hedging our bets that you’ve landed here under the impression that short domain names rank better in Google, right? Or maybe you’re thinking that a super-short 4 to 5 letter domain would take just milliseconds for your target market to type. Either way, we’d like to welcome you to short domain 101 – a guide in which we walk you through everything you need to know when buying a short domain

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The benefits of short domain names

Short domains typically consist of one or two words or represent a short brand name of between 4 and 6 letters. Since short domains are seriously concise, they provide business owners with several advantages, including…

  • Short domains are easy to read
  • Short domains are easy to remember – which is a massive advantage when vying for attention online
  • Short domains are simple to include on your marketing materials such as on flyers, business cards and brochures where space may be limited

However, these advantages do come with one big drawback – it can be really difficult to discover a short domain that isn’t already in use. With that in mind, let’s explain how you can easily find a short domain that reflects your business.

How to buy short domains

When tackling your short domain name search, you have two options:

  • Visit a domain registrar website and run multiple searches in the hope that you’ll track down a domain with a short name that’s also suited to your business. But be warned – this can take a little time and a lot of educated guessing.
  • Use a domain store (such as brandnic) to explore available short domain names – this option cuts out the guesswork and the need to sit at your computer for hours on end. We’ll explain a little more about our short domain names in a moment. But for now, we need to answer a very important question… 

Short domains and SEO – Is bigger, better?

When researching where to buy short domain names, you may have stumbled across blogs and guides that lead you to think that longer domain names are better for SEO.

We want to clear this up – while you should consider using keywords in your domain name if possible, domain names are no longer as powerful as they once were for ranking. Before 2012, EMDs (Exact Match Domains – such as being a match for the search term “red high heels”) were extremely effective for ranking, usually appearing on page one, regardless as to how effective the rest of that website’s SEO strategy was. However, since 2012 Google no longer places weight on the keywords in a domain name – so it’s logical that you should opt for a catchy, memorable short domain name, over a super long domain name that’s stuffed with keywords. 

Short domains available at brandnic

Need a short domain finder? You’re in the right place. At brandnic we solve three pressing problems – first, creating a business name; second, designing a striking logo and third, tracking down a short, catchy domain name that matches your business.

We know how effective short domains are when it comes to growing a business online. It’s why we’ve created a dedicated collection of short domains that you can discover with our short domain finder. All of the domains on this page have between 4 and 5 letters, so you can find short domain names within a matter of minutes. Try our short domain name generator now.

You can also explore any of our industry categories (such as Business & Finance domains or Tech & Web domains) and filter the search results by domain length – this will list the results in order of length – starting with the shortest domain first. 

Tips for buying your short domain name

  1. Always try to bag that .com

.com and are known as ‘Top Level Domains’ (or TLDs for short). These are typically the most memorable as the highest traffic websites in the world opt for .com. That said, if you can’t discover a TLD for the short domain you’d like, there are now a wealth of alternatives that may be suited to your industry. Such as .SHOP or .STORE for online shops; .PHOTO for photographers; .TECH for gadget businesses; .ME for freelancers, and so on.

  1. Keep it to 6 characters or less

Here’s some research for you – the top five websites across all industries almost always have 6 or fewer characters.

  1. Avoid numbers and hyphens

Even if you opt for a four-character domain, you should still avoid using numbers and hyphens, as they’re notoriously easy to get wrong. For example, may be recalled by some as , while can easily be mixed up with

It’s worth noting that hyphens are also sometimes distrusted by website visitors, and only 3% of all URL resales include one or more hyphens.

  1. Ensure that your domain reflects your business name

Given that there’s no SEO reasons to choose a domain that features your keywords, a more effective short domain will reflect your brand name. For that reason, you may want to think long and hard about what your business name will be, as confusion can reign if you have a long business name than your domain. For example, Bo’s Bag Shop and aren’t a great combination.

If you need some more help on the topic of picking a company name, head over to our guide: Why Your Brand Needs a Cool Company Name.

  1. Double check before moving ahead that the domain doesn’t have a dodgy past

Given that short domains for common words are quite the rarity, you may want to double check that the one you find isn’t still on the market because of its past. Head to the Internet Archive and search the URL. This tool will bring up any past websites that have previously been live on that domain. If you find illegal or adult content, steer clear, as you’ll land yourself with a domain that will be impossible to rank.


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