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What is a Business Domain Name Worth?

by Brandnic Official Blogs 15/06/2018

A great domain name can enhance your online presence and give you a real edge over your competitors. Some domain names are so sought-after that they change hands for sky-high sums. If you’re ready to find out more about domain name value, read on.

domain name value

What is a domain name worth?

Most people head online today when they want to find out more about businesses and what they do. It’s a pivotal part of domain name worth. The internet also helps companies and organizations to deliver important information to their customers quickly, which can include news about special offers, recent achievements, product launches and more.  The more you do to maintain and update your website, the easier it is to keep customers on your side and attract new ones. Nearly all commercial websites have reviews sections where customers can talk about their experiences of dealing with companies. Reviews sections can help website owners to convert potential customers into loyal users of their products and services. The right domain name can keep people visiting your website and add to a domain valuation. It is important to opt for a memorable domain name that sticks in your customers’ minds so they can access your website with ease. This is where domain name value matters.

Add domain name worth with our domains

Great domain names add value to businesses and help them to prosper. They can help you attract customers from across the world. As domain names need to be memorable, they need to be simple, powerful and concise – a memorable domain name has more domain name worth. Domain names also help with SEO, ensuring companies are seen when customers type relevant terms into online search bars. This is a big part of domain name appraisal by professionals. It can be helpful to take a look at what successful competitors are doing in terms of domain names, keywords, text and titles if you do need to strengthen your online presence. Not every company employs in-house SEO experts, which is why so many businesses turn to digital agencies to help them with their online strategies.

Get a name that’s relevant

Any reputable and knowledgeable SEO expert will advise you to purchase the best domain name related to your business and your products and services available. It’s often not enough to purchase just one domain name, and you may need to buy several in order to protect your reputation and drive as much traffic to your site as you possibly can.

What is a domain name worth

It’s a wise move to educate yourself on what makes a domain name valuable and the domain valuation process. The process of domain valuation tells you how much your current domain is worth and can give you an idea of how much you will need to pay to obtain a specific one. The process is also called domain name appraisal. If you’re not entirely clear on what a domain name is, it can be described as the main part of your URL. If you are on the other hand selling a domain name, and wondering how much is it worth – we can help.

SLDs and TLDs

There are two main components to a domain name, and these are the Second-Level Domain or SLD and the Top-Level Domain or TLD. The SLD is the central part of your URL. The TLD is the part at the end of the domain name. Popular TLDs include .com, and .net. There are now scores of TLDs available to you, which means it’s now much easier to obtain a TLD that reflects the industry that you operate in.

Where can I buy a domain name?

Domain Name Registrars are companies that enable you to purchase domain names. Many hosting companies are also Domain Name Registrars. It can be helpful to obtain your hosting and domain name or names from the same company for continuity purposes. One reason why it’s so useful to find out what your domain name is worth is so you know how much you stand to receive for it should you ever wish to sell it. Many people sell domain names because they are no longer relevant to their business, or because the figure they are worth is just too good to turn down. Getting your domain name valued can also help you ensure you are getting a fair price when you sell it.

Factors that determine domain name value

Domain names can become particularly valuable for several reasons. TLDs can play a big role in determining the value of your domain name, with many addresses ending in .com being extremely popular. Newer alternatives may also be incredibly valuable. The amount of traffic your website receives can also play a big role in determining value, as can domain names with popular keywords. If you have a short URL that demands attention, buyers could become incredibly interested in it. Shorter URLs are generally more valuable than longer ones due to the fact they are easy to remember, type, share and market. This is one way it’s possible how to calculate domain worth.

Buying and selling domain names

If you are thinking of buying a domain name to sell at a profit further down the line, you will need to think of something that is likely to be of value to a buyer. You will then need to check whether it is available. Many of the names you think of are likely to be taken, but some of their owners may plan on letting them expire because they no longer have a use for them. The aftermarket can be a great place to find a potentially lucrative domain name at an affordable price.

How to calculate domain worth

You can avoid paying more than a domain name is actually worth by doing your research and seeing how much similar domain names have changed hands for. This can also help you avoid selling it for less than it is worth. Prices can fluctuate wildly, so make sure you are looking at recent transactions. Appraisal services can do much of the hard work for you, comparing your domain to others and estimating its current value.

What is my domain name worth?

Ultimately, the best way to find out your domain value is to see what others are actually prepared to pay for it. If you do have a domain name that you wish to sell, you can put it up for sale but opt for a reserve price so you don’t have to accept a hugely underwhelming figure for it. If you don’t receive an acceptable bid, the auction will simply come to an end and the domain will remain within your ownership.

If you wish to purchase a domain name or are wondering how much is my domain worth – contact us and we can help you out.


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