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Why your Brand Needs a Cool Company Names

by Brandnic Official Blogs 15/08/2019

What’s in a name? As it turns out, a lot. In fact, 77% of consumers make purchases purely based on the brand name of a product. Which isn’t so surprising, given that cool company names are capable of instantly stirring emotion, being remembered and describing a company USP (all in just a few words). Think about Asus, Hotmail, Netflix, Starbucks and Gap as leading examples of cool company names.

Now let’s consider the alternative – dull, dreary brand names, like Global Payments Inc., Packaging Corp. of America, and Automatic Data Processing Inc. Ugh. Just, not, cool.

But there’s a BIG difference between appreciating the advantages of a cool company name, and actually coming up with one. So we’d better get to work – here’s how to handpick a cool company name.

Cool Company Names

Setting the record straight – does a cool company name always reflect the business?

If we think of some of the biggest brands in the world, very often their name has nothing to do with what the business actually does. Take Apple, Google and Samsung as the perfect examples of cool company names that don’t describe what the business offers (let’s face it: consumer electronics, online searching and nice phones wouldn’t set the world on fire).

These cool company names work because they are short, punchy and memorable.

However, they are also the company names of some of the most profitable businesses in the world, and you probably don’t have marketing budget to match theirs. So when trying to create a name with the same level of coolness as the big players, consider including a word that describes what you do, alongside an interesting describing word.

Before we step through our cool business name

If you’d prefer to skip our step by step for creating your own cool company name, simply search our website. We’ve done the legwork for you – conjuring up hundreds of cool company names with ready-to-purchase domains – like business and finance brand names; health & beauty brand names and tech & web brand names. Our service then not only handles the cool business name, but also includes a logo, as well as the domain.

Getting started – How to come up with some cool company name ideas

Determined to come up with your own cool company name ideas? Here’s how to get a list of ten possibilities written in no time at all… 

  1. First things first – research your keywords

When chosen well a cool company name can boost trust in your website before you’ve so much as launched. The secret? That would be to ensure your domain matches the words and terms that searchers are using. To find out what these are, start with either the Google Keyword Tool or WordStream’s FREE keyword tool.

  1. Check out your competitors

What words and terms do they use? What do their names make you feel? Have they used fluffy, nice sounding words, or have they created a brand name with impact?

  1. Nail down what you do from your target market’s perspective

You may sell shoes, but what people actually buy is style. You might be in the business of selling beds, but what consumers are actually shopping for is deep, restful slumber. Think about your product or service from your target market’s angle – what problem do they have that you resolve?

  1. Play around with the spelling of the words you have

A great source of inspiration can be misspelt words – but (and this is a big but) it must be for a word that doesn’t describe the product. For example, sheos for shoes wouldn’t be suitable as the end result would be confused consumers who type in an incorrect website address.

Some good examples include Reebok, which was created from the word ‘Rhebok’, which is an African Antelope, while Google was created from an intern misspelling the word ‘googolplex’.

  1. Create a mish-mash of two words

Groupon is formed from ‘coupon’ and ‘group’; Compaq was created from the words ‘computer’ and ‘pack’, while Evernote was formed from ‘forever’ and ‘note’.

Cool names for a business – One word, two, or more?

When considered cool names for a company you should think about length. Blue-chip company after blue-chip company have later come to realise that shorter is most definitely better. Such as Hewlett-Packard that re-branded as HP; Federal Express that switched to FedEx, and Apple Computer, which changed to Apple. So it does seem as though a single word tends to be a more popular choice for the biggest brands in the world.

That said, there are of course many exceptions to this rule – such as Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and Tiffany & Co.

Length isn’t all about word count, either – it’s also about syllables. The rebrands above all switched to names with two syllables – H-P; AP-PLE; and FED-EX. However, while a one word, two syllable brand name is the most common, you may want to opt for more (just be sure to keep it to a maximum of 4 syllables per word). 

Cool online names – How fast can you tap it out?

When it comes to cool company names, you need to think about the online life of your brand. Namely – how quickly will your target market be able to tap it out?

3-letter domains are incredibly rare (and seriously expensive), but 4- and 5-letter domains can be just as memorable and quick to type. If you’re seeking some inspiration for a short name that’s domain-ready – explore our 4-5 letter domains. 

Cool store names – .SHOP & .STORE

Ever since the number of domain extensions was vastly increased, there’s been a lot of confusion about whether extensions such as .STORE and .SHOP help or hinder search engine ranking. So let’s make this simple – using .STORE or .SHOP can ensure that your domain features tells the world that that they’re able to purchase what they’re searching for from your website. 

So that’s the WHY behind cool company names, and some guidance on how you can create a list of cool names for companies. If you want a more in-depth HOW TO for choosing one, you should read our guide: How to Choose Attractive Unique Business Names.


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