The Benefits of Aged Domain Names - Distinctive Naming Guide

When business owners look for aged domains, what they’re often really seeking a name registered long ago. It benefits the business in terms of rankings with Alexa and Google. The recent study shows that aged domain names rank well among the other newly registered domain names due to their age and matrix. Google really loves aged names and somehow they are ranking well among others, getting an old registered domain name is also important as having a good product or a website design. You better kickstart your business marketing campaign with a great aged name. Read Full Story ...

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The Benefits of Aged Domain Names

by Brandnic Official 23/11/2019

Read Time: 12 minutes

More and more people want to know about acquiring to buy aged domain names. It has actually become a good strategy to help your online business, but how is it possible? The answer can be found studying its benefits.

Table of Contents

1. Why are they called – “Aged Domains”?
2. Does Domain AGE matter A LOT?
3. Benefits of buying old domains
4. Choosing an aged domain
5. Go for your niche
6. How about specific niches?
7. Some niche relevant brand names
8. How to know which aged domain to buy?
9. How Moz ranking work?
10. What’s next?
11. Red flags before going for your aged domain
12. Let Brandnic help you find your vintage domain


Let’s just think about a domain that has already promoted its content and gained great SEO value, this will very likely provide traffic for free before you’ve launched. In other words, a great boost for your business and potentially more sales!

In this guide, you’ll learn about the practice of buying an aged domain and all the necessary information before you get started.

Why are they called – “Aged Domains”?

As its name says, an aged domain is a domain address that has a few years around the internet. They have previously been used for other websites, but they have now been discontinued. Some of the main reasons for this:

  • The original owner probably forgot to renew it.
  • He had some issues with his payment method.
  • The owner lost interest in his domain.
  • The business went bankrupt.

It is important to be aware of the last reason before purchasing a domain unless you want to face some businessmen wrongly seeking a solution for their losses.

Why are they called Aged Domains

Why are they called aged domains?

It is possible to bid for a domain that is for auction (usually for seven days) when it reaches its expiration date. However, this happens when it is not renewed within 30 days. Another thing to take into account is that the people who are able to buy a domain are very likely to pay more than the first owner.

This happens when the domain registrar, where it was purchased from, retains the aged domain (in other cases, domain resellers will take these domains upon expiration). 

Does Domain AGE matter A LOT?

Domain age for SEO is extremely important, it is actually one of the main advantages of purchasing one.

Aged domains have previous ranking power that can be powerful tools when developing your website.

For instance, a 10-year-old domain probably has many backlinks that tell Google “I only publish quality content” which immediately increases your chances of being at the top of Google rankings. In other words, Google looks at a domain that has been so long on the web as something that must be interesting.

Does Domain AGE matter A LOT

Does the domain age really matter?

This may not be the only factor that will get you on the top!

For instance, studies have proved that learning how to use your SEO tools can take a lot of time, this is why registering a domain that has been around at least 3 or 4 years will have better chances to improve your page rank than working on a never-used domain name.

Benefits of buying old domains

Getting an aged domain is big business nowadays since it plays an important role in your website’s success.

Many domain names expire every day so you won’t miss your chance to buy one.

Here are some factors that make just dropped domains the best for you.

301 redirection

Are you worried about transferring the link juice to your website? 301 redirect is a good solution without creating other sites.

The process is simple, you complete the 301 divert after purchasing a domain name and it will be automatically redirected to your main site.

An old domain contains many backlinks that it has gained over the years.

It’s just a matter of time before you watch it grow in Goggle rankings.

Google considers the age of domain names

This is another important reason to consider when looking for aged domains, “search engines trust in old domains more than new ones”.

In fact, they have considered a more secure and better tool to start any marketing strategy. First, spammers don’t usually last long on the internet. Second, aged domains are already popular in the networking world as well as Alexa and Google rank.

Better page rank using directory listings

Submitting your website in online directories is the first step to be noticed by search engines. Public Directory and Yahoo! Directory are some of the best links in order to improve your website rank. Yet, this process isn’t easy and most of the time getting into important directories is not possible.

This is why it is recommended not to register your website directly to search engines since it is more likely that you get banned for spamming.

Luckily, aged domain owners have already registered their page into many directories, that is to say, it will be much easier and simpler to update your information with a pre-existing directory.

It provides the right traffic

Another key benefit that you should consider is that old domains can make you gain traffic much faster than a brand-new domain.

The reason is simple, aged domains already have a crucial source of traffic that will improve your industry sales.

You just have to make sure to buy a domain name that is involved with your business and always check if its backlinks are spam-related. You can avoid this type of domain name by using the tools that Brandnic provides.

It can help you have an authority site

An authority site is considered an ultimate goal among website owners. It means you reached top quality content which is usually linked to other knowledgeable pages.

Even though it may take years to develop a new domain name, domain names can be a great help when building an authority site.

This process is achieved through the other benefits we mentioned above.

Shorter domain names

Shorter brand names are expected to be more successful than longer ones due to the fact they are catchy and easy to remember. It is recommended to aim for 6-10 characters or even fewer. However, most of them are already taken a long time ago and registering for a new one is almost impossible.

Accordingly, buying aged domains may be a great idea if you are a business owner and you are looking for a short domain name.

The best option for sub-niches

Some people believe that sub-niches require a different domain each, but in reality, this is not necessary. A niche market is able to become as large as the main group, therefore targeting a specific group may be the key strategy to succeed in any marketing campaign.

Furthermore, purchasing an aged domain will be a useful tool to target sub-niches as well as improving the existing backlink portfolio.

Having many mini sites won’t help you if you prefer having a large authority page, for that reason, it is always better to start working with one domain name.

Choosing an aged domain

Your domain name will be everything for your business so there are a few points you have to consider before going for your first one. For instance, adding keywords in a domain name won’t be useful for SEO anymore.

The “challenge” for every business owner is to find an aged domain that is brandable and easy to remember.

Unless you want to have a personal blog, you should only choose words that are related to your website content.

Choosing an aged domain

An aged domain name is easily brandable for any business.

Another important tip is to make it short and registering a .com, but most importantly, you have to know well what your niche is,… For more info refer to our guide specifically for entrepreneurs about choosing brandable domain names.

Go for your niche

Is your website about education, marketing or culture? Each one of them has its features and its audience which means there are many domain names that can work for you.

Go for your niche

Older registered domain names are fit for most of the niche.

Thankfully, you have a wide range of tools that will filter all the aged domains available based on a keyword.

It is essential that they give you a backlink analysis before finding your domain options. Moreover, these domain analyses come from the free version to paid ones.

How about specific niches?

Choose a broad niche domain so it will be easy to develop. For example, try to find a pet niche if you are in the small dog products niche. Choose a real estate niche if you are working as an investment advisor someplace in Florida and so on.

Don’t worry about your business. A broad niche domain can be used to create many niche categories.

The point is to get a domain name with a generic link profile so you won’t have to use a specific anchor text.

As we mentioned above, an expired domain is usually either listed in auction websites or they are ready to be registered again.

How about specific niches

Aged names are fit for your specific niche.

It is recommended to figure out the domain name registrar in order to know the auction partner. This can be done through the WHOIS lookup. Following this, it will be easy to determine the auction partner of the domain name you are interested in.

A complete tutorial on how to deal with Whois is on the link.

Some niche relevant brand names

If you are still wondering how brand names work, here you have some examples of how you can use your 4-5 letter domain name that already has some ranking history (we have manually picked them for you). Remember that they are not limited to any particular business niche so one brand name can be relevant in many niches.

niche relevant aged names

Some niche relevant brand names.

Some niche related domain examples are;

1# Fickk.com – Fickk.com rhymes with “flick”, a word that is related to moving something quickly through a sudden movement. It can be used to build an eminent business that is good dealing with tasks fast and effectively. For instance, construction, marketing, security, or even medicine niches go well with this brand name.

2# Eatd.com – This unique 4-letter domain name almost sounds like the word “eat it” which represents food, food delivery and food app. Eatd.com will definitely be a hit in the online food, restaurants, and HoReCa industries niches.

3# Aprif.com – A catchy domain name that is related to the spring season because of the month “April”. It also means “to open” as a reference for the blossoming of flowers or trees. Aprif.com can represent a business that achieves its goals efficiently. It can be used in different fields such as technology, medicine or other services.

To understand more about catchy business names, follow our guide.

4# Daczy.com – A vigorous domain name that comes from the word “dancy”. A modern and different business will match perfectly with Daczy.com such as music, dance, adventure or tech companies. This brand name boosts creativity in any enthusiastic ambiance.

5# Iraff.com – This name comes from the word “giraffe” which is a fun way to relate your company to increasing progress. Moreover, iraff.com shows elegance and confidence. Software, media or tech niches will do well with this domain name

How to know which aged domain to buy?

Bad domains seem to be everywhere and sadly, there are people who purchase them, but later find out that they are completely useless. Fortunately, we can filter a domain based on its metrics and avoid this kind of situation.

Here are some of the metrics you should look for in order to make your domain a success. you can also follow our securing a domain name guide to make sure your domain is secure and withing your grip.

aged domain metrics

How to know which aged domain to buy?

The older the domain the better

As you heard it before, domain age is one of the key factors to know if your website will be worth it.

An old domain is known for the authority that it has established over the years. In other words, they are more trustworthy and accepted by search engines.

WhoIs’s details are an important tool to understand how old a domain is. However, it also depends when the website was launched since the search engines don’t consider either domain that was dropped or websites that don’t exist on the domain.

Google prioritizes older domains which are more likely to ensure you the top of its rankings.

We all want to avoid a domain that will expire after one year, therefore, once you have put some effort finding a list of great domain names you should choose the one that is at least 2 years old.

This may be the tough part because you’ll have to pick a domain name that is related to your website niche, but the results are especially important for your business.

Make sure to always go with a -.Com domain name extension as they have the highest brand identity.

Page Rank (PR)

Google Page Rank was an algorithm that measures websites from 0 – 10 in their search engine results. That is to say, this major SEO metrics were based on quality backlinks.

Being on the top of this ranking meant that your website was incredibly important.

But that was before because PageRank was removed by Google since 2016 so it is not a crucial tool for SEO anymore. The reason for this was the link spam and artificial system that tried to buy high PR in order to improve their website.

Yet, it is still recommended to check if the domain name has any page rank such as PR 2.


A site that only gets a couple of visitors per month won’t be much of a help for your business. This may be an extra tip, but we do recommend you to check the monthly traffic in order to get more quality references.

Having many visitors means more inquiries for guest posts and more sales!

Additionally, you should also check Google bans before you decide to buy the domain name.

How Moz ranking work?

The Moz is a well-known software that developed some metrics in order to rank search engine result pages (SERP).

Some of them are:

Domain Authority

Also known as DA, it is a metric that goes from 0 to 100 which determines the search engine results pages of each domain. It is usually used to understand how well a website performance will be through a logarithmically scaled score.

The domain authority tends to fluctuate from time to time so it can adapt to Google’s algorithm changes.

As a result, it is better to use it to compare more than two domains.

Try to always find a domain that has at least a DA 5+, but it’d be perfect if you run into one that has 10+.

Page Authority (PA)

Page Authority is another important metric that determines whether a domain name is for your business or not.

The PA is in charge of measuring the SERP of a single domain while DA is able to measure entire domains.

There is some confusion about PA and DA since they use the same method to rank domain names so it is essential to understand this difference.

Every single website can be represented by PA, but you should look for an aged domain that has PA 20+ to be worth buying. One useful tip to increase PA is to always make sure that your page has its link juice from pages with high PA and reduce harmful links to your page.


All links that a website gets from other websites are considered backlinks. They are extremely important when improving a website’s SEO since search engines use factors such as backlinks to calculate rankings.

Make sure to use a google domain disavow tool to remove toxic backlinks over your domain name

Backlinks data is able to display the total backlinks that a domain name has. In addition, you are able to check their quality and which type of links you are dealing with. This may be the most important step when picking up aged domains since the previous metrics can vary or be manipulated.

There is not a specific amount of links when you are looking for a good backlink profile, but the more high-quality links an aged domain has the better.

The aged domains should have links that come from other domains so Google can consider your website as a high-quality content one.

Last but not least, look for links that have a natural anchor text without too many keywords. This can be a sign of spammy backlinks which may have received a penalty in the past.

What’s next?

It’s better not to waste time and start building your website. However, you should keep an eye on the old content that the previous owner left on your new aged domain. Use tools such as Yahoo’s Site Explorer in order to learn the old URLs so you can redirect them to new pages.

Remember that there is a strict copyright law on the internet over content which means you cannot copy other content that isn’t yours.

Red flags before going for your aged domain

You now understand the steps you must follow to find the right domain name, but how about the “don’ts”?

For instance, questionable money-making, gambling or pornography sites should be discarded from your list.

You must always use the Wayback Machine search tool after visiting the Web Archive. This is a crucial step to check whether the domain name was previously used for any purposes that Google blacklisted.

Red flags before going for your aged domain

Things to consider when buying an aged domain name.

Other important buying tips:

  • Don’t think that an aged domain is the only thing that will promote your website. Continual marketing activities are needed such as building social media and promotion campaigns.
  • Don’t pay for an old domain that is not able to offer additional value.
  • Don’t bid too much so you won’t pay above the market value. Always do some research about the domain you are interested in.

Let Brandnic help you find your vintage domain

We have 24/7 online customer support to ensure you the best services while looking for your domain. Brandnic provides domain names that have great value to any company.

brandnic help to find aged domain name

Brandnic helps you find your aged domain name.

Furthermore, we make sure they are easy to market as well as easy to bring results. We also offer logo design, common law trademark, and trademark monitoring on premium domain names worth more than $1500.

To find out more, you can explore some of our catchy domain names for your business niche. Remember that using tools such as Domain Age Checker will let you know if the brand name has all the benefits you are looking for.


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