The Benefits of Aged Domains for Your Online Business+

by Brandnic Official 02/09/2019

You may have heard many a rumor about just how good for business buying aged domains can be. Perhaps someone has told you that they provide traffic, for free, or that they can provide you with a search engine boost before you’ve even launched. While all of these things can be true, you also need to take care when buying an aged domain. In this guide, we explore all the benefits of aged domains, but also provide some tips for ensuring your investment acts as an asset (and not a liability).

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How can a Business Name Attract More Website Traffic? +

by Brandnic Official 05/07/2019

High-quality website names serve as a serious business tool with a diverse array of benefits. Yet while a lot is written about premium domains being easily remembered, fast to type and printed marketing material-friendly, relatively little is said about the ways in which they can encourage website traffic. Given the gap on this topic, we wanted to share our thoughts on how prestige names for businesses drive website traffic, improve and protect reputations and why they should be considered among a business’ most valuable assets.

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How to Choose Attractive Unique Business Names +

by Brandnic Official 08/09/2018

You’ve decided to set up a business. You NEED a name that sticks in the mind of your target market. Trouble is, it seems that all the catchy unique brand names are already taken.

Choosing an attractive AND unique business name needn’t require the expensive skills of a branding agency. All you need is a little creativity, plenty of research and this five-step strategy.

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