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How to Buy Brand Domain Names for your Business

by Brandnic Official Blogs 15/06/2018

It’s important to take care and select wisely when buying a brandable domain name for your business. Choosing a top brand name can be incredibly difficult, and if you get it wrong you could rue your decision for years to come. Assistance is available if you do need help with buying a domain name for your business, but there are some things you can consider if you’re going it alone, or even if you do decide to work with branding professionals.

Tips to Buy Brand Domain Names for your business

What to avoid when creating a brand name

It’s important to consider your budget carefully and focus on finding a domain name that will be easy for you and your customers to remember. If you have your heart set on a domain name but find it is already sold, it’s not wise to pursue this as it can be incredibly expensive. Rather than taking this step, try to look for a suitable, inspiring alternative. It is very important that you opt for something memorable that your customers will be able to type into the search bar within moments. It’s also a good idea to avoid opting for domains with numbers and hyphens as this can make it harder to optimise your site for search and get the visibility that you are looking for. Another thing you need to do is ensure your brand name is available on social media. Social media can vastly increase exposure for your brand and help you drive sales with a modest marketing budget. If you don’t have a presence on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, it’s important to rectify this right away.

Good brand names are short

Today, selecting the right domain name is as important as choosing a suitable company name. You can expect to put a great deal of time and energy in finding the right solution, so don’t rush things. Your domain name needs to be a good match for your business and needs to be easy to promote. Good brand names are short, easy to type and target areas when companies are focusing on specific geographical locations and also protect reputation. Remember this if you’re wondering how to come up with a brand name.

Make it easy to type

If your domain name is too difficult to spell or type, potential customers and site visitors may give up and decide to go elsewhere. You should also keep your domain short for this reason. Try to avoid using slang and avoid words that have multiple spellings, as this can lead to confusion and make it harder for people to access your site. Your domain name is more likely to be mistyped if it is too long.

Consider buying multiple domain names

It may be beneficial to buy multiple domain names for your business, so you can use not only domain names that include your brand name but ones that describe what you sell. For instance, you could purchase additional domain names such as or if you are in the glazing industry. You may also wish to add your geographical location to these domain names to optimise your site and ensure it appears in search engine results pages when local people require your products and services. You can even buy domain extensions based on specific locations if you wish.

Protect your business and reputation with a top brand name

It can be highly beneficial to purchase several domain names as this will protect your business and stop your competitors from registering names people are likely to type into their search bars when they are looking for your business. If you do have trouble thinking of a suitable domain name for your business, there are many online tools you can use that will offer up appropriate suggestions. Keep this in mind if you’re asking yourself how to come up with a brand name.

Avoid hyphens and numbers

One of the main reasons the best brand names avoid hyphens and numbers is that people often use written numbers rather than numerals when typing domain names. It’s also likely that they will forget to add hyphens. You can get around this by purchasing different variations, so everything customers are likely to type in error is covered and they are sent to your site regardless.

The best brand names are memorable

It’s essential that you opt for a memorable domain name. There are millions of names already registered, so opt for something catchy that people won’t easily forget. Talk to others about your domain name to see what their viewpoints are and whether they find it easy to recall. If you do come up with a fantastic idea for a domain name, register it as soon as possible to prevent someone else getting there first.

Research domain names

If your domain name or something very similar to it is already being used by another company, you could find yourself in legal trouble, so do your research to make sure you’re not using someone else’s intellectual property. If your chosen domain turns out to be sought after, you may be able to sell it for a considerable sum further down the line. Good brand names are worth a lot of money

Get the right extension

There are many domain name extensions to choose from, but it is important to get the right suffix for your company, so try to opt fo something relevant. .com extensions can be tough to purchase as this is the most popular suffix,  but there are now many specific generic top-level domains to choose from, covering a whole host of industries and topics. Extensions like .org and .info aren’t normally used for commercial purposes and are usually used for information-based websites.

Make it futureproof

You should also ensure your domain name is futureproof, which is why you need to avoid adding years and dates to it. Choose something you think you will be happy with for years to come, as you could lose custom and ruin many years of hard work and reputation-building if you switch to something different and people are unaware of the change. Getting the right domain name for your company can help you create a robust online identify. A domain name doesn’t have to be an expensive investment, but it can help you drive revenue and attract more custom than you’ve ever dreamed of. Help is available if you need assistance with creating a brand name or domain name.

How to Make a Brand Name – Extra Tips:

  • Do complete homework before you choose any high quality domain name for your Company.
  • The homework requires the research process like what should be the name? What is your budget? What are the alternatives? How you purchase the domain? And much more.
  • Don’t consider any third party when you find that your required domain is already sold. It may cost you much and waste your money. Always go for the domains that are available for sale.
  • Go for the attractive name for the business that is easier to remember and recall. So that people can easily type those and get your information anytime they want.
  • Don’t go for the trademark domains. It will be useless for your business as it has a number of processes after that. Save yourself from all these problems and Buy Brand Domain Names for your business.
  • Think twice before paying the amount to the company for the domain or getting the copyrights. With a single click, you can purchase the domain and the payment will be transferred from your account. It will be the non-refundable amount so always take care of it.
  • Avoid number and hyphens while purchasing the best domain for you. The domains with the numbers or hyphens can create problems for you in optimizing the site on different search engines.
  • Don’t forget to check the availability of the brand name on the social media. The social media nowadays is increasing the traffic is increasing your market. If your business name doesn’t have a social media existence, then you may loss a huge amount of traffic to your site.

All of these things will help you when choosing or when you go about creating a brand name.


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