What is a Premium Brand Name?

by Brandnic 09/10/2018

Brand names are usually proper nouns. These are names which a manufacturer or producer chooses for a particular product or service. The brandable domain name could be a term, mark, design, name or symbol. It is important to note that creative company names are distinct from business names in the sense that, while the former applies to the whole business, the latter applies to one of the products in the business. For instance, Coca-Cola produces Coke, Fanta, Sprite, etc. and Apple produces iPhone.

Premium Brand Names

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A premium domain name is also different from a generic name such that, while a generic name covers all products that serve a particular purpose, a brand name is for one of such products. Still using Coca-Cola, all Cokes are soft drinks but not all soft drinks are cokes. In a sentence, one could say, “I like Coke; it is a great soft drink.”

In addition, like proper nouns, brand names should be capitalized and this was usually the case until capitalized names came to the fore. A ready example of a capitalized brand name is iPod

Company names have been in existence even before computers came to be. Egyptians also used particular marks to distinguish one cattle from the other. They burned the symbols to the cattle’s skin with a steaming branding iron and this was happening as far back as 2700 BCE. Many centuries ago, as far back as 1200, Italians drew watermarks on paper as a means to identify wares in the market. Brand names were also used to keep customers and build their confidence, therefore some companies named brands after top customers. Example, Hoover vacuums.

Brand Name Trademark

A domain name could also be a trademark. However, it is not necessary to include a superscript TM when you write the brand name.

A brand name is particularly important in large markets like the sports market, food market, telecommunications market, hardware market, fashion industry, to mention but a few. So, when the crowd grows, it is the unique company name that keeps the product or service going.

It is not compulsory that a brand name tells the aims or objectives of the company or organization. For instance, Kodak does not reveal anything about the company per se.

In deciding on a brand name, it is important to consider language and cultural differences, it is important to ensure that the name you choose is not suggestive to most people in a particular race. For instance, calling a hair cream “nigger” would be outright offensive. Business names convey literal and symbolic meanings so these two aspects should be considered at all times.

Like business names, brand names are challenging to create especially for business owners. There seem to be too many things to take into consideration in getting a business name. A friend once said that it is more difficult to name a brand than it is to name a child and thinking about it now, I couldn’t agree more.

Brandnic seeks to mitigate the hardship associated with creating business names, which is why upon a visit to our website, you will find a vast plethora of brand names, all categorized for easy identification. No domain name is similar to the other. Whether you want abstract words or actual words, we can help you out and they are available in various lengths, shapes, and colors.


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