Why Exclusive Domain Names are good for Marketing

by Brandnic Official Blogs 20/06/2018

644 million. That’s how many other websites there are. Among them there will almost certainly be thousands of websites that you need to compete with (if not hundreds of thousands, or even millions – depending upon your industry).

When trying to gain traction and traffic for your website www.this-1-is-a-nightmare-domain.jetzt is not going to make your job any easier.

Exclusive domain names are one of the most important first steps to a solid marketing strategy. In this blog we explain why, as well as telling you about how to buy an exclusive domain name, and what you should avoid.

Discussing the best Exclusive Domain Names

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6 Common Mistakes Businesses Make When They Buy Premium Domain Names

by Brandnic Official Blogs 20/06/2018

We’ve shared our industry-insider tips for buying a high-quality domain and explained the benefits of choosing a short domain name. But every bit as important as getting the right domain is avoiding the few fatal mistakes that can shoot down your chances of bagging yourself a premium domain.

Here’s what you SHOULDN’T do once you’ve set your sights on a premium domain.

Buy Premium Domain Names

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