Why Exclusive Domain Names are good for Marketing

by Brandnic 20/06/2018

Exclusive Domain Names

Today in the world of e-commerce and SEO it is important to understand the value of being recognized online. It is important to know the value of being “searchable.”

There are a million of web addresses, and almost all of them are with a .com domain. It is, therefore, not easy to find a domain name which accurately describes your business.

Fortunately, the marketers can use exclusive domain names to standout and reach an online audience. An exclusive domain name allows you to stand part.

As the name suggests, it is exclusive to your business or brand. For example, the domain name www.shophive.melbourne or www.mobile.airtel are exclusive domain names for specific companies.  

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5 Mistakes to be considered when you decide to Buy Premium Domain Names

by Brandnic 20/06/2018

Buy Premium Domain Names

There are always some risks associated when you decide to work on any task either related to your business or your personal activities.

Purchasing the domain name is not only valuable for the businesses, but also for its online presence. It does not matter, how big your business is, also you must consider and avoid risk while buying the premium domain names.

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