Why your Brand Needs a Cool Company Names

by Brandnic Official Blogs 15/09/2018

What’s in a name? As it turns out, a lot. In fact, 77% of consumers make purchases purely based on the brand name of a product. Which isn’t so surprising, given that cool brand names are capable of instantly stirring emotion, being remembered and describing a company USP (all in just a few words). Think about Asus, Hotmail, Netflix, Starbucks and Gap as leading examples of cool company names.

Now let’s consider the alternative – dull, dreary brand names, like Global Payments Inc., Packaging Corp. of America, and Automatic Data Processing Inc. Ugh. Just, not, cool.

But there’s a BIG difference between appreciating the advantages of a cool company name, and actually coming up with one. So we’d better get to work – here’s how to handpick a cool company name.

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