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Recent Sold Names - More people interested in selling and buying day by day even in Pandemic COVID 19

by marketing 26/04/2020

Texas, USA, Release: April 04, 2020. For Immediate Release.

The recent pandemic has changed a lot of things and the way business is happening all around the world, we have notice and unchanged sales volume even in these days, we also notice that the recent sales which we have made form Europe as well, which is quite effected from this COVID 19 issue.

The recent sales we made  were



looking forward to more interesting sales in the coming days.

For purchase, more information, and inquiries, you can contact Brandnic online on the company’s website at brandnic.com or via email at sales @ brandnic.com or by visiting the physical office in the United States at 320 Decker DR #100, Irving, 75062, TX, USA.

The Messiah for Small, Medium and Large Scale Businesses

by Brandnic 01/11/2019

Texas USA, Updated Date: November 01, 2019. For immediate Release

Seeing that most businesses that would be otherwise successful suffer failure due to poor choice of business names or website names, Brandnic comes to offer a lifeboat to save drowning businesses all over the world.

Brandnic gathers names from all around the sellers who wanted to sell their brand names online also it's one of its own kind of brand name generating website – brandnic.com, where different categories and different lengths of business names are available for immediate selection and purchase.

It takes less than fifteen minutes to get a brand name on Brandnic. According to Sunghwan Kim, from Coblic.com, who left a 5-star review, the first time he was looking for an online domain name, he had a great experience from Brandnic. The interface was very friendly and the entire process of choosing his dream domain name, purchasing it and owning it took approximately fifteen minutes. He went further to recommend Brandnic to all business persons in need of domain names.

In less than one year of her existence, Brandnic has already transformed many dying businesses and established even more baby businesses that are growing at lightning speed. The grateful hearts went ahead to say thank you on the company’s About Us page.

The company’s major value is customer satisfaction and this is evident in the facilities the company has put in place to ensure smooth transactions, clear communication, active customer support service, and a very user-friendly interface.

Brandnic makes many sales of premium brand names every day. The company also updates the website on a regular basis and provides recommended brand names. There are also aged brand names for those looking to get these.

Recently we added voice recording for each brand name placed online to make it easier for the users to understand how the name will be pronounced making them easier to understand and make buying decisions easily.

To get more information on purchase and for other inquiries, contact Brandnic online on the company’s website at brandnic.com or via our FAQ's or by visiting the head office at 320 Decker DR #100, Irving, 75062, TX, USA.

Brand Name Generating Company - Brandnic takes the World by storm ensuring Instant glimpse of SUCCESS by cool & catchy Business Names

by Brandnic 30/10/2018

Texas, USA, Release: November 22, 2018. For Immediate Release.

The US-based brand name generator may be new, but this has nothing to do with the quality of brand names, domain names, logo names, website names, and company names that Brandnic offers.

It is become a very vital decision in all new and existing businesses to come up with a brand name that has an impact on the product, people, and market. Not everyone's business is an expert creating a perfect company name regardless of how good he/she is. Brandnic has a user-friendly sales system, which makes a very smooth ride for buyers to own a domain name in a very short period with so much security.

Many clients have confessed to the quality of brand names and services the company offers. One such client is Timothy J. from fitnow.com. He had clients who paid more attention to other aspects of their businesses than they did to the major aspect, which is Branding. He, therefore, took it upon himself to handle this bit. However, he was at a loss as to how to generate the perfect business names for them. According to Timothy, Brandnic’s support team was helpful in helping him choose the relevant business names and logo names from the multiple options he had to choose from. Find more about it.

Some of the new features include a regular update of brand names, new brand name categories to soothe the dynamics of the business industry and exclusivity after purchase.

Unlike other brand name generators, Brandnic makes it easier for new and existing entrepreneurs to choose brand names by going further to provide subcategories in main categories – each category has options that allow site visitors to choose to view the brand names in ascending order or descending order, according to price or according to the length of the domain names. This way, visitors are able to spend less time making a choice.

For purchase, more information and inquiries, you can contact Brandnic online on the company’s website at brandnic.com or via email at sales @ brandnic.com or by visiting the physical office in the United States at 320 Decker DR #100, Irving, 75062, TX, USA.


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