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How a Premium Domain Name Can Increase Your Online Success

by Brandnic Official Blogs 20/06/2018

Premium domains are the essential first step to a successful online presence – whether this means sales on your eCommerce site, or contact messages sent to your service-based business. Let’s explore what a premium domain is and the many advantages of buying premium domains when chasing successful growth online.

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First things first: What is a premium domain?                                                          

Premium domain names consist of four essential elements

  1. They are short and snappy – Ideally running to no longer than 4 to 5 letters, or slightly longer if the premium domain name includes two words (the most common domain length is between 12 to 13 characters and contain two words).
  2. They are in-line with the business name – The optimal domain will perfectly match your brand and business name (this will save confusion for your target market).
  3. They have a Top-Level Domain Extension (TLD) – Such as a Generic Top-Level Domain – .com or .net; OR a Country-Code Top-Level Domain – (for the UK), .it (for Italy) and .mx (for Mexico).
  4. They are easy to spell and easy to pronounce – Which should also apply to your business name (need a helping hand for your business name? Be inspired – read our guide on unique business name ideas). 

The advantages of a premium domain name

When you buy a premium domain, you can look forward to a raft of advantages that are each as influential as the last for online success. Let’s dig into these now… 

SEO advantages

While it’s true to say that Exact Match Domains (where the domain matches what a Google searcher types exactly) no longer pushes a website up the search results, there is still value in buying a premium domain. Why? Because a premium domain establishes trust and authority with those you may outreach to in order to ask for links back.

Memorable and quick to type

You’ll likely use your domain name in many places outside of the online world – such as on your business’ printed marketing materials. When trying to drive ‘real-world’ visitors to your website, you could use a tool such as a QR code. Within a snap of a smartphone camera, a QR code can drive your prospect to an online destination of your choice. But while QR codes are undoubtedly a helpful option to provide, not all of your website visitors will want to fiddle around with their smartphone (or they may not have their phone to hand – such as in certain business environments).

In this instance, a short, memorable domain name is critical (especially as many users are known to ‘guess’ a domain after seeing a business name).

A short domain name also has the advantage of being suitable even on marketing materials where space is limited – such as on postcard flyers and business cards.

Word-of-mouth marketing friendly

They say that word of mouth marketing is the most powerful of all (and with good reason – after all, 88% of consumers place the highest level of trust in recommendations from people they know). But how can you possibly capitalize upon people talking about your business to other people if your domain name isn’t an exact .com version of your business name?

Trust and authority

Let us ask you this – which domain would you instantly trust…

OR (you can buy this brand name here)

Between the two, the second domain would be considered a premium domain. It’s shorter, includes the business name and counts as a Top-Level Domain (e.g. it’s a Clearly this would be the preferable domain in terms of conveying trust and online authority.

This doesn’t just apply to where your domain name appears online, either. It can also convey a professional image on your printed marketing materials.

Brand recognition

A premium domain that matches your business name exactly will reinforce your brand image. Let’s look at another example. There’s a business in the FinTech sector that specializes in payment authentication technology. They’re choosing a brand and domain name. Which of the following domains would provide the most effective brand reinforcement?

OR (you can buy this brand name here)

The second domain will strengthen the company’s brand image and will also be far easier to remember and return to in the future.

The next step: where to find premium domains for sale                                  

Now that we’ve explained the many benefits of a premium domain name, the natural next step is to understand where to buy premium domains, and the pros and cons of each.            

  1. A domain registrar – while you may hit lucky and uncover a premium domain name gem, domain registrars almost always demand extensive trial and error searching for a domain that fits with your business. You’ll also need to have decided your business name beforehand.
  2. A premium domain name hub – brandnic falls into this category, however unlike other domain supermarkets, we serve as a quick-find directory of ready-to-go business names that come complete with a logo and domain name.
  3. Your website host – The pro here is that buying your domain from your web host saves you a little time. However there are numerous downsides to holding both your domain and your website with the same company – we go into detail about what these are in our in-depth guide on how to buy a premium domain name (and the mistakes to avoid!).                                              

Buy premium domains from brandnic                                                          

At brandnic, we aren’t just a marketplace for premium domain names for sale. Our domains allow you to discover a catchy brand name and polished logo for your industry – placing you strides ahead of the competition once you find a premium domain name.

From premium domains for your arts & design business, to domains in the tech & web industry, onto in-demand 4 – 5 letter domains, start (and end) your search here.


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