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Why Exclusive Domain Names are good for Marketing

by Brandnic 20/06/2018

Exclusive Domain Names

Today in the world of e-commerce and SEO it is important to understand the value of being recognized online. It is important to know the value of being “searchable.”

There are a million of web addresses, and almost all of them are with a .com domain. It is, therefore, not easy to find a domain name which accurately describes your business.

Fortunately, the marketers can use exclusive domain names to standout and reach an online audience. An exclusive domain name allows you to stand part.

As the name suggests, it is exclusive to your business or brand. For example, the domain name or are exclusive domain names for specific companies.  

Marketing benefits of exclusive domain names

There are several reasons that you should get exclusive names for your website.

  • It gives you the domain name you want
  • It gives more security and improves trust
  • It provides you with a unique way to dominate the market
  • It is unique, therefore, easy to remember by the audience
  • The exclusive domain names can outperform the .com domains in SEO
  • It is a good choice for branding as it is easy to remember
Why companies seek an exclusive domain names

Domain name selection is integral to a company’s branding strategy. Online marketing is all about dominating the competition. Companies search for unique and attractive domain names so that they can dominate the market.

The .com domains are old and are also not easy to remember. For example, if you get a website with the name, and a domain with, the one with “.Sydney” extension will be more profitable.

That is why companies try and buy domain names such as or According to German SEO specialist Searchmetrics, the exclusive domain ranks better on search engines than .org or .com domains.

Easy to remember

Companies want their customers and target audiences to remember the name of the website. It is why they search for the best domain name and even spend thousands of dollars to buy that domain name.

The exclusive domain names are easy to remember. For example, recalling is not easy.

Remembering is very easy. You do not need to include hyphens or dots in your domain name which make it difficult to remember.

Provide more attention

If you are in India and need a domain name, you should get the domain name with “.bharti.” It is attractive and is also easy to remember. These domain names are patriotic.

It is why these exclusive domain names are better than the generic .com or .org domains. Even .in domains will not get more attention as compared to the “.bharti” domains.

These domains will also improve trust. It is why today marketers are looking for exclusive domain names.

With these domain names, the companies can now cement their online presence. These names have a very positive impact not only on the audience but overall SEO. The search engines also list these domains quickly. provides top quality premium domain names to buy and choose the best business name for your business.


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