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How can a Business Name Attract More Website Traffic?

by Brandnic Official Blogs 05/07/2019

High quality website names serve as a serious business tool with a diverse array of benefits. Yet while a lot is written about premium domains being easily remembered, fast to type and printed marketing material-friendly, relatively little is said about the ways in which they can encourage website traffic. Given the gap on this topic, we wanted to share our thoughts on how prestige names for businesses drive website traffic, improve and protect reputations and why they should be considered among a business’ most valuable assets.

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How your domain name could drive traffic to your website          

  1. Relevant, prestige names create trust right on the Google search result page

When contending among ten others on any one Google search results page, you need every element of your snippet to work overtime to get that click through.

Breaking down these elements, you need the copy of your heading and body text to be on point – ‘talking’ in the language of the searcher, communicating why they should visit your website (instead of the others that appear in the search results) and ending with a call to action (all within 300 characters).

Completing the picture will be your domain name – which should reflect your business name.

  1. Elite names will look slicker when outreaching to other websites for guest posting and linking

One of the most important aspects of any SEO strategy is a comprehensive backlink profile. No longer are Blackhat techniques an option – Google has advanced in leaps and bounds for picking up on dodgy and/or purchased link placements. Instead you need a solid plan for outreaching to high ranking, relevant websites to either place your link, or to guest post on. For which it’s essential that your business name looks professional ( isn’t really going to cut it).

  1. A previously used domain can hand you a powerful SEO advantage

Domains that have had previous online lives can come along with numerous compelling benefits that new domains don’t offer, two of which are: an existing link profile and (if the domain is of a considerable age) established trust in the eyes of Google. This goes far beyond the benefits of prestige names for businesses, to boost your search engine ranking.

Learn more about buying aged domains read this guide.

  1. Elite names are easy to remember

Choosing to match your domain name EXACTLY to a business name has numerous benefits, such as creating brand coherence, and reducing the chance of visitor error when attempting to type out the website address. Perhaps most important of all however is that potential customers will be able to recall a business name and visit the website directly through memory alone.

If we consider some of the biggest brands in the world, it’s easy to pick up upon clever literary tricks that make them memorable. Perhaps one of the most common is opting for a short domain name that has two syllables (a tactic employed by Twitter, Dropbox, Facebook, and Google itself – among many others). Another common technique is alliteration for brand names with two words. Alliteration is where two words begin with the same letter; brands that use this approach include Coca-Cola, Rolls-Royce, American Airlines, Dunkin’ Donuts and PayPal).

  1. Elite names are excellent for ‘out on the ground’ marketing campaigns

Prestige names for businesses are significantly more effective than run-of-the-mill business names for some forms of ‘real-world’ advertising. For example, display advertising on roads, vehicles and in shopping malls (where passing people rarely pause to process a poster in full) has a matter of seconds to make an impact. In these environments you NEED your business name to be memorable and to reflect, letter for letter, your domain name. When all of these elements are aligned, physical campaigns can lead to a big boost in website traffic.

  1. An elite business name reflects what a person is searching for

Not only should a business name represent what you do as a business or service, it should include terms/words that your target market use to describe what you sell. Once again, when this is on-point you immediately signal to potential purchasers that your website is the one they should head to when faced with other, seemingly less relevant, search results.

  1. Prestige names for businesses set a business apart

When searchers are presented with two results with domains that are almost the same, the confusion as to which should be clicked through to can lead to that searcher choosing another search listing altogether. For example… and are worryingly alike, and consequently neither works well for establishing trust.

For this reason, prestige names for businesses will avoid being too similar to any other website – standing out as a unique offering, even when among ten Google results or hundreds of online directory listings.

  1. Prestige names for businesses can lead to random ‘type-in’ traffic                        

Random ‘type-in’ traffic describes the website visitors who arrive on a site having typed an address directly into the browser bar without searching Google, and without having prior knowledge a company with that domain. For example, a searcher looking for shoes may visit or 

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