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Business Name Generator

Business Name Generator

What makes a perfect business name?

When you think about the world’s biggest and most successful businesses, there’s often a deeper story or a meaning behind the business name and the great brand. This was sometimes there right from the start. Sometimes it has developed over the years as a brand and a reputation has been built.

Before you think about what your business name is, have you thought about what your business name should be?

Memorable Names


Think about the businesses you admire. That you look up to. What is it about their name, products, and services that make them memorable? How does this tie into their name?

What do you want people to think if they’re answering these questions about your business? What do you want your business to be memorable for?

You might want to be quirky and cool. You could be modern, creative, and forward-thinking. You might just want to trigger emotion in people.

The easiest bet is to get a name from a brandnic company name generator to save time and to make sure that people love your business name. .. Whatever it is, make sure it’s memorable!

Relevant Names


What makes a perfect business name?

How does your business name fit in with the products and services you provide? If your free business name is designed to trigger emotion, that should be because you sell a product or service that does the same, and not just as a result of making a random choice. How you align your business name to what you do is up to you. Amazon, Apple, Nike, and others have their own unique story. Set your business up so you can tell yours.

Attractive business names generator


How many successful businesses can you tell us about that is great, but have a name that makes you think you really don’t want to have to deal with them?

Such businesses don’t exist. They closed because their name wasn’t alluring and appealing enough to their audience.

What types of business names will resonate with your target customers and make them think “Yeah, I want to use them”?

Real business name generator


Words like “efficient” might sound boring but hear us out.

Think of the examples of Amazon, Apple, and Nike again. They’re easy to read, easy to spell, and if you’re talking about the brand in a club or on a busy train, its name will still be distinctive.

Their brand names are efficient and require very little effort or energy to remember, read, spell, or say them.

Ready for You to Use this tool.

Be Ready for You to Use

We’ve all been there. You put all your time into research. You’ve thought of the story behind your brand. You think you have managed to craft a business name that will take you where you want to go.And then you discover it already exists!

You need a business name that is memorable, relevant, alluring, and efficient. But if it isn’t available, none of that matters.

That’s where Brandnic can help you.

Follow These Steps to Find an Awesome Company Name

Coming up with a business name isn’t easy. After all, it’s not just a name you’re coming up with.

You’re planting the first seeds of what you want to grow into a powerful, meaningful brand that resonates with people. It’s the starting point of everything you’re dreaming of achieving with your new business.

Whether your research has failed to highlight any suggestions table business name opportunities, you’re experiencing a creative block, or you have an incredible idea and simply want to get your business off the ground with a website name and social media presence, Brandnic’s company name generator is designed to help you do exactly that.

Best of all, it’s 100% free for you to use! .. using .. Syllables .. Vowels and Phonemes

What’s the Company Name Generator All About?

Our company name generator is here to take away the stress of coming up with a business name.

On top of that, we’re here to ensure that you get a ready-made logo, logo revisions if you need them, and the registered domain name for your business. We’ll even ensure there’s a common law trademark for your brand name and conduct trademark monitoring on your behalf.

You get everything you need to start telling the story of your business, building your brand, and providing your product or service to your customers.

Where others might spend thousands of dollars on consulting with marketing agencies to come up with ideas, you get all our ideas presented at no cost. The only time you’ll pay us is when you’ve found the perfect brand name that fits the identity you want to build.

How Does Brandnic’s Company Name Generator Work?

Getting started with our company name generator is easy. Follow these quick steps and you’ll soon have a wealth of potential company names at your fingertips.

  1. Scroll to the top of this page and enter a keyword. This can be any word you choose. Think about what we said your company name should be earlier. What word describes what you and your business do? Once you’ve chosen your word, hit “Search” to get your generated company names.
  2. Below where you searched, you’ll now see your generated business names presented to you. By default, these will be sorted by relevance to the keyword you used. Either start to scroll through these or open our business name generator in another window to get your results for another keyword and begin a new search for even more ideas.
  3. Sort your business names results by your preferred method. We’ve explained what these all mean below.

Ascending and Descending

These business names are listed alphabetically, or reverse alphabetical, order. This is a fantastic way to search if you have a certain style or name in mind to match the product or service your business will offer. You might want a word starting with a certain letter that sits well with the word “agency”, for example, or that will help you to create a catchy strapline as you grow your brand.

By Price

If you’re looking to get started quickly and don’t mind potentially pivoting and renaming or rebranding your business later, you can sort your results by price to see the cheapest options to get your business moving quickly.

Of course, if you already have one eye on your exit strategy and plan to grow your business to sell it in a few years, you could go the opposite direction and choose a premium, more expensive business name from our suggestions.

By Popularity

Your business is only as successful as it is popular.

When you view your business name suggestions by popularity, you’re viewing the businesses that get viewed most often on Brandnic. That means that thousands of other entrepreneurs are considering taking that name to start their business!

Remember that as well as the business name itself, you get a whole host of other benefits, including the valuable .com domain.

If you’re viewing the most popular business names for your keyword, you need to get that locked down today!

How Can You Get the Best Name for Your Future Company?

We’ve described many ways you can go about finding your company name.

With the time you will need to dedicate to research, not to mention the naming process and costs attached to checking and paying for domain names, logo creation, and securing trademark protection, the best way to get the name you need for your business is to use our business name generator.

Think about it…

You do all your research, you come up with or create a name of your own that reflects the backstory of your brand, but when you head over to GoDaddy or go the US Patent and Trademark Office website, you find that there’s already a website, business, or registered trademark in your chosen name.

Back to the drawing board.

How much time and potentially cash have you sunk into this just to keep discovering that someone has beat you to the punch? How much are you losing in potential sales as your business sits dormant while you keep working at this?

Even here on Brandic, our most popular and premium brand names will sometimes be picked up by ambitious entrepreneurs within a matter of minutes of being added to our site. At least when you search using our business name generator, it’s free until you commit to making a purchase, and when you pick the name you want, you’re guaranteed to get everything you need to kickstart your company.

Ignore those who’ll have you believe that using a business name generator shouldn’t be done.

Sometimes, you just need to get your business alive and kicking and using a service like ours is the perfect way to minimize the stresses of doing so.

We know you have the creativity to come up with your own ideas, but with our business name generator, you’ll get thousands more that hadn’t even crossed your mind, with a 100% guarantee that you get the name, the domain, and the trademark. And with Brandnic, you can get your hands on everything before your competitors do!

Using your business name generator might be the smartest decision you ever take for your company.

What are you waiting for?

What Types of Businesses Can the Business Name Generator Help?

We can help you generate a name for your business using your chosen keywords at the click of a button, no matter your niche.

As well as using our business name generator, you can search for business names in your chosen niche. We’ve listed some of the niche’s we can help generate business names for below. Don’t worry if you don’t see yours, use our business name generator and enter your keyword to search anyway and see what suggestions we have for you!

Short, sharp, and to the point. These brand names are often the most popular and premium names, with the most valuable .com domain names.

Names for “Business Related” Businesses

Do you plan for your new company to be in the business of business?

If so, then you’re in good hands when it comes to choosing a business name with Brandnic! Our most popular category, with over a dozen sub-categories attached to it, if you’re looking to inspire and emit trust and authority from day one, we have the good name and the logo for you to lay the foundations of your company.

Whatever Your Niche, Our Business Name Generator Has a Name for Your Business!

Whether you’re starting a sports management agency, opening a new general store, or are currently a one-man band looking to make your business activities more professional to attract more business, we have a solution to help you get established and grow.

As you can see by looking through our business categories, and hopefully by using our business name generator for yourself, we have a wide selection of business names we can generate for you across a wide selection of industries to help you get your company name.

If you’re waiting to get your business up and running, wait no longer! Use our business name generator tool today, identify your perfect business name, buy it before someone else does, and use it to start making money now!