The world of business is ever-changing, with numerous brand names cropping up every day. We can help your business stand out by offering only the best business domain names for you at competitive prices. Create organic traffic by creating a brand name that is unique to you and your product, and remains competitive in today’s dynamic business market.

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Need a Catchy Business Name? Visit Brandnic for thousands of brand names

A business name could be the company name, a short form of the company name or just a word, the qualifying factor is that it is peculiar to a particular business; it is memorable and not difficult to pronounce. A ready example is Nike.

A business domain name is the unique identity of a business. It is the word, letter, group of letters, symbol or group of symbols by which a business is known. It is different from the legal name by which the business is registered. A website name is a name you use to advertise your business, sell your products and render your services.

The Importance of Good Name Ideas for Business

When Philip Knight started his Athletic shoe business, it was just a US. Distributor for Japan-based Onitsuka Tiger; he called it Blue Ribbon Sports. Subsequently, he decided to market his own line of shoes and named it Nike, after the Greek goddess of victory. Nike is a catchier, easier and more unique name. You know the rest of the story.

Apart from getting a unique business name, it is important to make sure that the name does not conflict with any other name. In other words, it is important to check for availability. It is possible to sit at home and think up something beautiful and catchy and find so many other things like it when you decide to get a domain name. This takes me to a liv story; the story of the eBay we celebrate now.

We have Powerful Business Names

When Pierre Omidyar started an online auction service company, He first named it Auction Web. Later, he attempted to get more creative so that his business name sticks and he went with “Echo Bay.” However, when it came to getting a domain name, was already taken.

To get something close to his original dream name, he went with eBay, which we all know now. A brand name could be descriptive, suggestive, specific or communicative. However, the business name could be meaningless too. For instance, the word “bang” could be a company name.

How to Choose a Business Name

There are many things to consider while choosing a business name; availability, similarity, uniqueness, class, attractiveness, and many other factors. This can be really slow and frustrating. It is even more frustrating because getting a brand name is the first step to business success so failing this step could mean no progress.

We are not saying that you should go round the world checking the availability of the name you have decided to use for your business. We are saying that all these checks have been done for you and the only thing you have to do is go through the list of available domain names, make a choice, make your payment and own it!

Brandnic has Thousands of Unique Names for Business

It is okay if this sounds unbelievable, solutions come in different ways. Today though, your solution has come in the form of Brandnic. Brandnic is an online company that supplies outstanding, attractive and memorable website names at affordable prices. A visit to our website will make your mountain of a problem a mere lump of mud.

The business names provided by Brandnic run across various categories, SEO company names, Food business names, Dating business names, Service company names, Sports business names, Fashion business names, 4-5 letter business names, computer business names, telecommunication business names, as well as new business names.