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Common Questions

Buying a business name from Brandnic

What comes with my purchase at Brandnic?
Brandnic does not only give you the brand name, but it offers much more benefits that just the identity of your business. Whenever you order for any .com domain name, we will send the design file also with that specific brand name individually. You can also ask us for the logo modification services any time, if required.
Domain name worth more than $1500 price, we also offer some additional services like the trademark certification, and the cognate monitoring. Cognate is one of the best, fast, accurate, and easiest and the most secure way to record the rights for trademark. Cognate records the brand name ownership using the block chain technology. It additionally monitors your brand violation using the machine-learning algorithm.
We understand the whole process of creating the brand name, it may be overwhelming. The main thing you need to know about our services is that, our provide 100% satisfied service to every customer. We focus on win-win situation to our customers. We will provide 24 hours support to all our customers. You can access the message system, email service and the toll-free numbers to access our support system.
We will support you in the basic functioning and setup of the domain name ensuring the effortless and fast transfer. We also support our customers in forwarding the domain and setting up any of the personalized email Id. As we stated we focus on the customer’s satisfaction, we don’t consider the job complete until our client starts running the new domain name

What are the ways to purchase the domain name from Brandnic?
We provide the “Buy Now” button on the domain page listings. By clicking on this button you can take your products to the cart and access it at your checkout page. You don’t need to log into our website and the sale will be 100% secure and safe.
Brandnic accepts the PayPal, Credit card and the Bank wire transfers to facilitate the customers. You can avail all these and other benefits from our domain purchase link.

What is the process of purchasing a domain name at Brandnic?
Starting your own business in the online world is not any easy task. We have made the things easier for you so that you can start your business easy and quick for you. In case, if you have finalized the domain name, you can click on the “buy now” button. This will take you to the buying option. You can make the payment via PayPal, Bank wire Transfer and the credit card.
After making the purchase, you will receive the confirmation email. After a few hours we will send you a confirmation and explaining the requirements we need to transfer the rights of the domain name to you. The detail of the transfer process is as under:
1. In order to get the quick transfer you have to create a free account at the respected registrar where the required domain is already registered. You can also transfer the domain ownership to your own registrar as it takes 3-5 days, for faster transfer of the domain ownership to you we recommend to have a free account signup at the same registrar so the transfer process can be done in less than 5 minutes.
2. After receiving the information for the account transfer, we will immediately transfer the rights.
3. After starting the transfer process, we will send you an email notification with the instructions so that you can confirm the process of transfer.
4. The customer will also get the logo files including MP4, PNG and .AI files.

All this is required to transfer the domain to any registrar. In case, if you want to transfer the domain to the same registrar, it will not take more than 5 minutes to complete the process. This information is to support the customers. For further queries, you can message us via contact page.

Are you ready to negotiate? Will You Accept Offer?
Yes, we are open to negotiate with the names. We are the broker and offer our services for our customer’s ease. We can be agreed to the rice that is beneficial for the buyer and the owner of the domain name. We make sure that the potential buyers should know that the value of the published price from the owner. We consider all the offers that are between 10 to 25% price differences are best to give to the domain owner, but we don’t promise that the owner will entertain your offer. The published price may be the minimum price offered by the owner. Although, the prices may be increased with the passage of time.

What is the Return Policy of the Brandnic?
Brandnic also provide services as the third pert marketplace and the escrow agent for the domain name you chose. Although, we ensure the customer satisfaction from the start of the order till end, but once you have placed the order, we won’t provide any exchange or refunds after that.
There is only one case in which we may provide refund that is, if the owner is unable to transfer the domain name within 10 business hours. In order to avoid the disappointing situation, we suggest you to confirm the policies before placing the order. Additionally, we are always here to support you for any kind of problem you face during the process.

About Brandnic

What is Brandnic all about and how it works?
Brandnic is one of the best and most popular services providers that deal in the .com domain names. The individual sellers that are ready to sale own all the domains at our portal. Whenever you decide to buy any domain name from our portal, your payment is saved in the escrow while the payment is released if the seller transferred the domain rights. It makes your purchase 100% secure and safe.

What did the Brandnic started its career?
Brandnic is the basic portal for purchasing the domain names online. No matter you are a new business man, an entrepreneur, a blogger, side hustle, a personal business owner or anyone else, we will offer you the high quality and valuable catalog.
Our experience along with the reliable transaction processes facilitates the customers at their best ease. You will definitely like the domain and all its side benefits, we promise it.

All About Business domain names

Who is a domain registrar?
An organization that deals with the registration of the domain name and manages the reservation of .com domain names is called a domain registrar. A country code top-level domain or the top-level domain is the one that is authorized by under the name of the registrar.
Following the process of the domain purchase, you will get all the important information about registration and the transfer process.

What is the frequency of the domain names added to Brandnic?
We add new domain names on the daily basis as we update our portal to provide fresh information to all our customers. Our main aim is to meet the market demand with best business domain names and provide more relevant options to the customers.

Do you offer IP protection to the customers along with eth Brandnic name?
The degree of the IP protection that we offer to the customers is the trademark certification and the cognate monitoring. Cognate is one of the best, fast, accurate, and easiest and the most secure way to record the rights for trademark. Cognate records the brand name ownership using the block chain technology. It additionally monitors your brand violation using the machine learning algorithm.

Do I save and share the domain names with your friends?
Yes, you can also save the favorite domain names and share it with your friends anytime you want. In order to do so, you have to click on the “heart button” and the domain will be saved to your favorite section. Now you are able to send an email to your friend. You can even create a page with social media account.

What is the process to search a domain name?
If you want to have the perfect business name, you can follow some simple tips:
1. First of all decide the subject or the keyword related to your business and then places it on the search bar available at our home page. For an example, “garden”, ”education”, ”fun”, ”living”, ”beauty” and much more.
2. You can also filter your search using the provided options.
3. Once you like any domain name, you can save it or purchase it using “Buy Now” button.

What are the kind of domain names that are sold by Brandnic?
All our provided domain names are creative and original. Some of these domain names are business oriented while some are straightforward. We also deal in the trendy domain names as required. Our catalog contains vast amount of domain names that can fulfil your needs and your business demands.
A good brand name may break or improve your business. The only thing is that you need to choose the interesting, catchy, attentive and memorable domain. Our created domains fulfil all your requirements.

Do Brandnic provide all the trademarked domain names?
We are unable to provide you the trademark services for some of the following reasons:
1. A trademark protects the domain name in a particular location or the particular industry. While the provided domain names can be used in multiple industries in all over the world.
2. In order to get the trademark service, the owner must
>>> Use the domain name in commerce industry: It means that you should use the domain name for providing buying and selling services. This portal can be used anywhere in the world.
>>> Have good use of the trademark in Future.
3. In order to apply for the trademark, the applicant must provide the name, the citizenship and the address.
Since the domain names are available for the longer time period, we can’t say that we will have any intention to use the name. As we don’t have any intension of using the domain name, we also don’t know in which country or the industry the trademark will be registered. Addionally, the trademark should be linked with the name of business owner. This all depends upon the user of the domain.
Here, we have provided a list of Trademark Classes

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"The name was derived from the words "hot" and "spend" this remarkable name will truly be a performer in the field of online shopping site and application. A trendy name deserving only the best!"

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  • Smart and Trendy
  • Selling and buying
  • Creative and distinct


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