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Ideas for use

A charity services
A stock brokerage firm
A wedding music service firm
An event organizing business
A green products manufacturing company

Common Questions

What comes with my purchase at Brandnic?

Brandnic is one of the top business name sellers and contains the largest premium online .com domain names inventory in the market. The company does not just provide thousands of brand names to new startup businesses but also to the existing ones.

Every purchase comes up with a:

Domain Name
Logo (png and source file)

What is additional service in the offer?

Brandnic also adds up trademark certification and monitoring services for the domain names worth more than U$1500 as a bonus for the buyers, Cognate trademark services are one of the most authentic, secure and simplest in the industry and the highest number of records rights in the world.

How can I buy a brandable domain name from Brandnic?

Every domain page has the “Buy Now” button next to the price. Simply, click and proceed to checkout and own the domain name!

What customer support do we give to our customers?

Our technical expert team will provide a basic functioning and provide a hassle-free domain name transfer, also ensuring a fast response to our customers. Additionally. We believe in accomplishing a job once the customer is happy and received their domain name full control.

Do I need to register email or create a profile?

It does not require any pre-registration or account creation. As soon the sale is done, you will be automatically registered in the system and will be forwarded to the Transaction Center (Message System) where you will be handled by an experienced Brandnic Representative, who will transfer the brand name ownership to you 100% and make sure you are satisfied with the transfer. That’s how it is 100% safe and secured.

How do Brandnic Accept Payment?

Brandnic accepts the Credit Card, PayPal, and the Bank wire transfers to facilitate the customers. You can avail of all these and other benefits from our domain purchase link.

{{number_of_viewing_users}} people are currently viewing this brand name!


Spruced up version of the word "elan", which usually connotes energy, style and enthusiasm is the perfect positive start for a high potential startup; Elunz is a memorable and unique name ideal for software, production, technology and sports-related company. Buy it now and soar with every further step.

  • Trendy and distinct
  • Professional sound
  • Artistic and notable
  • Chic and sophisticated
  • Crisp and Conversational


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Brandnic holds payment into Escrow until domain is securely transferred.

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